Out of the Mud, he called me Out

Out of the Mud, He called me out: Powerful truth for All

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A Message to be called Out of the Mud

Like the wings of a tropical butterfly, I wallowed in a pool of mud, filled with a height of joy and enthusiasm, I felt like a queen.

Definitely! I was a queen, but a Queen in the mud

I hated the mud for it is disgusting.

But deep within, my heart yearns for a better place.

I desire a neat place, yet, I felt a strong passion for the mud. No doubt I was hypnotized by the comfort and satisfaction I gained in the mud

Mesmerized by the joy I derived in the mud, the pleasure of a treasured place and home.

Yes! The mud was a treasured place, but my heart yearns for a greater Treasure, my soul pants for Water (Living Water), and my spirit longs for rest.

Out of the Mud, he called me Out

But, on a bright and sunny afternoon, I met with a savior, who redeemed me by his precious blood, and within a short while, he became my Treasure.

He brought me out of my mud; he embraced me without minding my dirty garment and called me to be his own.

He called me out of stain into purity and out of my temporal joy into everlasting joy.

He called me out of shame to reflect his glory

Do you know his name?

His name is Jesus.

Do you long for a higher place and peace? Is your heart sick and shattered? Come to Jesus and experience a life of peace.

He gives us hope when we can’t go on

He gives us shelter in the storms of life

There is no peace on Earth, there is peace in Christ.


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