How to overcome the scar caused by fear

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On a particular day, when I was much younger. My mum sent me to deliver something to our landlady in the same compound we lived in, in the night. I was afraid because my parents never allow my siblings, and I go out late for a reason whatsoever. She sent me there because she had no choice; she was busy with something meaningful. I guess she thought I would be okay, especially with the compound well lighted.

I reluctantly left the house with the hope of seeing other neighbours in the big compound, probably enjoying the cool breeze so that I can be sure of my safety, but it was not so. No one was outside, and that dashed my hope and made me more afraid. You can’t blame me; I was so young and naive then.

On my way going, my thought was filled with the invisible scary being that I had been fed with just to avoid staying out late in the night. I imagined the scary being swallowing me up. This made my head fully at work, turning right, left, back, and front almost at the same time just to be sure of my safety.

It got to a point; I started running like I was chased and guess what? I fell hard on the floor! Blood started coming out of my knee. The injury was deep and painful. I was groaning in pain but still managed to deliver the message.

I went back home, leaping. When my mum saw me, she was disappointed I could not deliver a simple message safely. That is what fear can cause! She was sorry she had let me go because of the pain I had incurred, coupled with the stress of nursing my injury.

Oh! The fear of being carried away by that being, something I later realised doesn’t exist caused the pain that gave me a permanent scar on my leg. An imaginary thing that my mind has been programmed to believe put me in shock. I later got to know the being wasn’t real. What an unnecessary fear I had allowed to dominate me.

Without saying so much. I hope you got the lesson from my story?

Fear is a killer! A waster of time! It has stopped many from doing what should do. It has made many incurred unnecessary pains.

Many people are victims of fear. They are living in the fear of what isn’t really like I did in the past. They have been a slave to what they believed in. They have allowed what they’ve been told about someone, something, situation builds a wall of fear around them.

Many have allowed the information they’ve been fed with, about their background, gender, environment, life and so on to rule and dictate how they live.

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I got to know those things aren’t real. It’s just to configure my mind to avoid going out in the night. I guess when I was being fed in that way, they didn’t imagine I would believe it so much to the extent of causing fear in me.

Fear has killed many people faster than their actual problem. Break out from your wall of fear into the reality of ‘all things are possible’, and in the long run, you will realise that what you fear doesn’t worth fearing. Most times, it’s not real.
Fear can only offer you pain and scar as it did to me. That’s why it is never an option to give in to it any situation.

Do not allow fear to make you live lesser than you ought to. Don’t allow it rob you of your extraordinary life in exchange for a low life. Don’t let fear stop you from taking the bold step, don’t allow it to stop you of making that wise decision. Face your fears and defeat it! The only fear we are permitted to have is the FEAR OF THE LORD.

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