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Your Limits are limited

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The only limits you have are those you’ve accepted to build in your mind.

Like the morning flower that gently opens its petal at the reception of the sunray, my face was lightened with a promising smile, when I saw my first Joint
Admission Matriculation Examination score (JAMB).

With the heartwarming score, I was so thrilled I immediately concluded my
admission was guaranteed. A few months later, admission was finally released, and with more surge of joy, my full names were smiling at me on the admission list.

Yeah! “Finally, I had arrived!” I thought within myself. After much preparation to resume, and the time to upload my SSCE result to the university’s portal was ripe, reality dawned on me when I found myself the next year— in the same hall I had written my first JAMB— faced with fresh JAMB

I couldn’t resume because I had failed English in my SSCE! Caught up in the hand of gloom, I felt defeated by the painful blows that life just hurled at me. With the last punch on my face, I rose weakly, dive my head once again between books; burned my midnight candles and in return to life’s blows, I got another high score, and this time with a complete SSCE result.

Filled with deep expectations, for my high score to cause another ray of a smile to
radiate on my face again—as done in the first admission list, my hope was
replaced with the third reason to get prepared for another JAMB.

“Could life be this wicked? Two consecutive years at home” I wept bitterly!
After another tough year at home, on a Monday morning, I saw myself amidst
different sets of people. I tapped myself to wake up from my slumber, but all was true! I was finally admitted into my dreamt university—having wage war with my fate of multiple exams.

Yet, if I had stopped halfway— probably the second time of writing my multiple
exams, luck may never have shone through my path the third time. And if you
dare stop halfway through your path to greatness, you’ve not only limited
yourself; others would be denied the bitter story that produced your better glory.

I actually may not understand the depth of the miserable circumstances you’re into presently. Perhaps, you’ve been limited halfway by the storms of failure and multiple rejections; it’s time to soar above the limits you’re magnifying in your mind.

The only limits you have are those you’ve accepted to build in your mind.
Life will only reward you for the kind of thoughts that you have cluttered your
mind with— ‘for as he thinks in his heart, so is he.’ (Proverbs 23:7a)

Through the biggest storms of your life lies your greatest reward, only if you
would rise above the plane of your mental conditioning. While many see defeat, a few only see opportunities for victory. What do you see in the storm you think you’re faced with? What you think you see would be created in reality —sooner or later.

Like I did, why not cast your heart forward, once again—with FAITH, and ride on the wings of victory, above the unavoidable storm confronting you?

Look back at how you’ve come this far, and ask yourself why you started your
journey into greatness. Is it worth quitting where you are at present? Think about
what you would lose if you quit, and otherwise if you strive enough to thrive
over those seeming limits!

As long as you live, always remember that flowers become useful
perfumes, after being crushed!
The process for its true relevance demands the
pains of being crushed, which later produces an irresistible aroma!
You’re more beautiful than flowers. The contents you carry within are

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There are contents of unrefined books in the archive of your heart. There are contents of unique experiences only you can express. There are a pack of
potential successes in your heart needing a push from within. Yet you must pass
through the making process of greatness!

Irrespective of your background, race or pigmentation, your potential success
stories will be published ONLY after the storms of life have refined you
which would help you build inner strength or character.

And life will never deny your glory when you’re crushed once, and you have risen
twice, or when you fall twice, and you rise thrice! Rise now and break those limits.

You’re unstoppable!

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