Possibilities are not First in Things; it is Man

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I was listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech via a youtube channel a few days ago, delightful, speaking to an audience dominated by youths and using his life experiences as a tool for inspiration. I could hear timely sweet-screams when he made statements that can resonate with their reality, I do smile from my end and scoff in awe of the different processes he embraced on his way to greatness.

I was soaked in the rain of his eloquence, authority, and use of words as he indirectly proposed principles that helped him, but I wasn’t carried away by the flood of his success testimonies. I rather lay hold on utterances that came from his subtly told principles. A quote stayed with me after seeing the video, and I am holding on to it religiously. It was a statement made by former South Africa president and activist Nelson Mandela. It says, “Anything is impossible until somebody do it”. 

There is a stage you get to or phase you journey through in life that makes you confess possibility in all things, depending on your life purpose, pursuits, values and beliefs. It will be valid and candid of you to reflect on whatsoever you call impossible. Impossibility and possibility has a lot to do with our knowledge, the degree of our resilience in grinding out our convictions and how we choose to handle failure.

Anything is possible, good or bad. We need to realize that possibility is independent of how good or evil an idea is, it is dependent on the carrier of the idea. A sincere inspection of societal ills that have consumed and confused our nation and the world at large started as an idea. The idea prospered simply because every evil and the good idea has the same working principles, once it is consistently applied. Corruption, wars, terrorism, murder, racism, and rape started as an idea, prospered because its progenitors were ardent believers of the “anything is possible” slogan.

Most Inventions, innovations, and initiatives that caused global transformations started as an idea. They have their own uncertainties and challenges which make them impossible at some point. Every of their success stories has its hill and valley moments, they understand the language of failure and the beat of defeats. Nevertheless, they had a deep conviction in the power of possibility. 

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Undisputable, ideas are the brainchild of our thoughts which is formed largely on the kind of information we feed our minds. We must consciously have a clear purpose or vision because we have problems begging for solutions and needs longing to be met in our world and it’s the man that has the ability and capacity to be an agent of change and transformation.

No matter how life-changing an idea can be, it can’t become a reality on its own, it needs a man. Possibility doesn’t live in things, it doesn’t live in idea, it lives in man. Anything is possible because of man, take away a man from this script and every other thing becomes useless.

It is clear as crystal that man is the determinant of possibilities not things. People will always precede process and product.

We now understand that impossibility and possibility are dependent on the consistency of our knowledge, the degree of our resilience in grinding out our convictions, and how we choose to handle failure. 

Another important factor that needs our consideration is measuring the risk we are taking in making things possible. It doesn’t make sense when we have a wrong judgment of what we call possibility.

Ben Carson whose career as a neurosurgeon was synonymous with risk in his book  “Taking the Risk” proposed a best/worst analysis formula when taking a risk. They are; 

What is the best thing that can happen if I can do this?

What is the worst thing that can happen if I do this? 

What is the best thing that can happen if I don’t do this?

What is the worst thing that can happen if i don’t do this? 

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If we can sincerely answer these four questions when we are about to run with an idea or vision, it can be a thermometer for measuring the temperature of our reality, how possible or realistic it is. It is like making your idea pass through fire, if it will stand the test of time, your motives and motivation are unveiled and how prepared you are for the risk is analysed. An idea is successful, sustaining and possible as its carrier.

In all things, let this mind be in you that: possibilities are not first in things or ideas, but in man. Though Ideas have the ability to live beyond its owner, they can’t become a reality without the breath of its owner.

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