When pathways and opportunities come: What to do

What to do when pathways open: 3 things to note

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For quite some days now, all my posts on the website have been centered on dreams and encouraging others to be better. While this is good and a wonderful improvement for readers; I believe I should talk about this; so today I will address what you should do when pathways open for you to dream

You see, to dream is never a crime punishable by the law

One thing is this; pathways, opportunities, doors open to those who allow themselves to freely dream

If you have allowed your mind freely dream… Congratulations

A lot of opportunities are coming your way

But, what should you do when it come?

Three things to do when pathways open to you

  • Grab it and hold tight: A rich man said: “What differentiates successful businessmen from others is their ability to recognize opportunities in the midst of problems”. When there is an opportunity to follow your dream, don’t lazy around it. Get to work and get something done. You can lead a horse to the waterside, but you cannot force him to drink water. So is it, I have spurred you to follow your dream right? But I can not force you to do something about it. Remember, I said it all begins with you.
When pathways open
  • Seek for God’s go ahead: This step is crucial especially if you know God has called you to either be a blogger, Christian writer, Film producer, pastor and so on… Someone might say, why must I seek for God’s approval to blog? Hah, you need to because you are dealing with the souls of men, it is a tough work that demands extra grace. Whatsoever you have been called or led to do, learn to seek God’s approval whenever opportunities come knocking. It is not every door you are meant to walk through, some are meant to be closed by you when opened.


  • Follow your path: Another temptation you might come across when pathways open is this; the temptation to divert. Take, for instance, as a Christian blogger I have heard people say Christian blogging doesn’t bring in money, unlike entertainment, some advice that I spice it up with celebrity news and many other things. They were right, the Christian niche is quite low when it comes to traffic, a website that posts news, pornography videos and all make huge money than what we can make in a year. I thought about diverting, in actual fact I did. But, I didn’t feel at peace. It was contradicting what the website stood for. I had to make adjustments and thank God, I have never regretted following my path.

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A quick advise before I come again tomorrow: Dream is not a one way stop to success in life, your purpose on earth might be to assist someone in achieving the plan of God for their life. No matter what category you are in, remember to always be happy

See you tomorrow
I love you so much

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