A charge to respond to God's call

A Charge to respond to God’s call: Here, I am Dad

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I will relate the story of what obeying God’s call meant using a personal example; it brings to memory the story of Samuel when he was being called by God and he wasn’t able to discern it. But, in this article; I knew the voice of my earthly father, but I didn’t want to obey his call. Are so many believers not in the trap of fading enjoyment while neglecting the call of the Father over their lives?

One night, quite a while in the past. I laid on my bed comfortably, about to sleep. In a matter of seconds, I heard my dad called me from his room, Joy! At first, I pretended not to listen to him for I was tired, drowsy, and I know his call will be filled with a series of instructions, that would without a doubt, delay my sleep as usual. The call persisted, and I had no choice than to reply. I reluctantly stood up from my bed.

“Yes dad, here I am” was my response. He told me what he called me for and dismissed me. He told me what will be of advantage to me. While returning to my room, I was thinking of the information I would have missed If I had ignored his calling. He told me what I needed to know at that time, just like an answer to my long request. I imagined what I would have missed if I had not answered. Thank God I did.

This scenario is related to how many behave at times. Your father, God, is calling you to himself, and you know it. He wants to open your eyes to things He needs you to do, and He wants to draw you nearer into the realization of His will for you. He wants to reveal Himself to the world through you. His call is persisting.

You simply need to answer him, but you’re there thinking whether to yield or not. You’re there thinking of how not to miss the comfort you are enjoying. You think you have the best where you are. You’re afraid He will give you instructions you don’t even want ever to imagine.

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I understand your feelings, but all these are because; you have not yet believed the thoughts of the father towards you. He said, ” My thoughts towards you are of good and not of evil……” His ways are not your ways. God’s way is good and perfect. There’s no regret yielding to him. He knows what you need per time beyond what you want.

A charge to respond to God's call
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Remember, I didn’t want to leave my bed because of the pleasure I was getting from it, not knowing my dad has a treasure to pass across to me.

Until you answer, you won’t know how much goods He has in store for you. Oh, how much treasures he has packaged for you.

Answer His call to Sonship.

His call to responsibility.

His yearn for fellowship.

His call to His marvelous light.

His will for you to fulfil that purpose.

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His call to use you and many MORE!

Will you still keep him waiting?

The call of God isn’t a call to suffer but a call to glorify Himself in your life just like He did to Jesus. It is not a call into having a ministry alone, but a call to please Him. Whenever He calls on you as His child, learn to say ‘Yes dad, here I am’ even when it is not convenient. Remember, He has your best interest at heart.

God loves you!

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