What if God's blessings don't come the way we expect

What if God’s blessings don’t come the way we expect?

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Something happened yesterday, and it was laid in my heart to share with you this: What if God’s blessings don’t come the way we expect?

Everyone, especially ladies always want a knight in shining armour when it comes to Marriage, so when a man that looks like a Palace guard comes to them; they are so quick to be disappointed at God.

This post is not about marriage; I just gave an illustration I believe is seemingly familiar to anyone

Now, to my experience on the topic above

We had an online church yesterday as a family, it was mainly on leadership, and we had to use another source of light, which was the generator because NEPA light had been so frustrating today due to the rain. One thing with rain that I love was this, and it calls forth the undivided attention of flying termites which are consumable in this part of the world, Nigeria. Flying Termites are attracted to light and could play around for as long as the source is stable

While the message was going on, I looked outside the living room’s window, and I saw them in their numbers playing around the light, I smiled

But then this thought just suddenly flashed through my mind ‘How I wished I could go out and catch those termites, then after the message, I fry them and eat’. It was just a thought oo; it wasn’t even a prayer. I cautioned myself to stop thinking of food while listening to the message, so I took my eyes away from it, focusing on the Man of God preaching.

Then something happened

So unusual

I believe even our little thoughts; God is mindful of them because we are his children

But I never expected it to be true. The termites I was eyeing outside the room’s window had taken flight to another place, so I lost all hope of ever seeing them again.

When the message was over, we prayed. By the way, the topic is: The Fruitfulness of a truly blessed Minister (Psalms 1:1-6)

I rushed to my room, not intending to look for termites around the house; I came running to pen down some thoughts for my mini book titled: When God is not on the Mountain, it was a book that I pray minister hope, salvation to thousands of people; and I was going to give it out for free.

I entered into my room and I was stunned with what I saw

I checked around my room for any pores on the window, and I believe there was none, so why did I see this?

Beloved, right there in my room; flying termites in their numbers were dancing around the light.

I was literally shocked

I forgot about my thoughts of wanting to eat them after the service

Could God have heard that?

Like really?

I started picking them up one after the other, and yet they kept coming in. I don’t know from where or how, but all I knew was; there were in my room.

While I picked them, something ministered to me on this topic; What if God’s blessing don’t come the way we expect?

I wanted to postpone posting it on my blog, but that could lead to procrastination. One thing I know about myself is; I always want things to be perfect before delivery, but God is trying to teach me now; not to forever wait for perfection but prompt obedience to whatsoever he lays in my heart.

On Gods blessings
We call it Esunsun in my local language. (Flying Termites)

On God’s Blessings

Beloved, maybe you have been praying for something? It might be a little thing, but in your mind, you have a pattern to which you want God to do it. God is saying; I will come in a way you don’t even expect. When I bring that blessing, accept them with gratitude for it is the will of your father.

So many people have lost God’s blessing because they just want God to work according to their way and not his will; but isn’t it the word of God that says: God’s ways are past finding out, and it also tells the thoughts of God towards us are of good and not evil; to give us an expected end.

Look at Sarah and Elizabeth; the blessing of God for a child came in a way they didn’t expect. Sarah, while waiting for the promise, worked out a way for herself by giving her maids to her husband. But God works in mysterious ways, and he hears our prayer and the answer might come not in the way we expect but in a way that is perfect before God.

What have you been praying for?

Perhaps the answer has come, but you just didn’t like what God is saying,

Here is my charge to you; Every good and perfect gift comes from God; he is perfect and though the answer comes not in a way you expect; why not be appreciative.

Another lesson I learnt from flying termites penetrating my room is this: The light of Christ attracts wherever it shineth, it draws nearer those who need to see it. Let the light of Christ radiate all around, so people can be mesmerised by the life you live.

I just can’t believe I wrote about a thousand words without taking a long pause, well; I believe this message might be for someone reading this; it could also be a reference for me in the future

Kindly share to your friends if you were blessed

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God bless you for reading

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