The Blind beggar and lessons to learn

Relating the story of the Blind Beggar to our Kingdom Inheritance

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The dread of the night pave way for the brightness of the morning. The sun rose with sparkling glow to announce the brightness of the day while the beautiful green grasses swerve left and right under the influence of the cool and gentle breeze.

The activities of the day begins in no time as the cloud of hope envelopes the morning. Many people headed to their place of work and the people that have no where to go get themselves occupied in a way.

Baba stood behind his window quietly observing the beauty of nature as he perform wonders with his chewing stick.

He watched this young man as he approached his window gently guiding his steps with a staff. He realized he had lost his sight but one will hardly notice that. Baba kept watching him till he got closer.

“Good morning here!” He said warmly.

“Good morning! How may I help you?” Baba asked.

“Sir! I’m so sorry I can’t see. But as I was going, I perceived someone is here and that is why I decided to stop by.” He said.

“Okay, no problem! So what can I do for you?” Baba questioned.

“I need you to help me with whatever you have.” He said.

Baba pitied him but he later thought of not just giving the man money alone but to also help him out of his predicament. He decided to test him, so he gave him two options.

“Mister! Is it money you want or me?”

The question came as a shock to the blind man. He kept quiet for a while thinking of what to say. He could not figure out Baba’s intentions for asking that kind of question. Later, he spoke out.

“Sir, I can find my way without any guide so your service might not be needed.” He said! thinking Baba is talking of guiding him to his destination.

“I have been in this condition for a very long time now and I can manage it to a very good extent. I will prefer the money so I can use that to take care of myself.” He added.

Baba smiled. “Okay!” He said.

He reached into his wallet and brought out a new one thousand naira note. He handed it over to the man. He was very happy about the gift. He appreciated Baba and left.

He came the second day, Baba asked him. “Young man, do you care to know me?”

“That may not be necessary sir. Once I have the money, I will be fine!” He said.

Baba gave him a thousand naira note and he left. So Baba made it known to the blind young man that he will be keeping the one thousand naira note in-between the window slide. So he would just get there pick the money and leave. At first, he would greet after picking the money and appreciated Baba. But later, he would get there, pick the money and leave without any form of appreciation.

It continued like that for many days so he became very used to the system without a second thought of knowing who his benefactor was.
So, one day Baba decided not to put the money there just to teach the blind man a lesson.

So he came as usual, stretch forth his hand to pick the money but he found nothing. He searched and searched but there was nothing there. He greeted but there was no response. He cried and cried for about an hour and later went away sorrowfully.

Religious beggar and sincere seekers: Lessons from the story of the Blind Man

How many of us are like that blind man who foolishly chose money and thought it’s not so important to know the Giver of money?

Many Christians are spiritual beggars in disguise, because beggars don’t care to relate with their givers. They are only interested in their gifts.

Your life can’t be independent of God but dependent on His Blessings.
Many of us think we can find our way all by ourselves but needed the blessings of God to spice things up. We adapt to our spiritual disabilities giving the highest priorities to our physical satisfaction.

The Blind beggar: Are you a rereligious beggar or a sincere seeker.

What do you seek? His hands or His Face?

Just like the blind man, the sense of entitlement has made many to care less about acknowledging His Blessings.

Christians who are supposed to be dinning with the King are still beggars of daily bread when God is willing to commit the generational daily bread into their hands.

Many of us are still struggling with ten commandments when we are supposed to be movers and shakers in the Kingdom. “Kai!”

You don’t know how much you miss out of the plans and purpose of God for your life when you relate with Him from afar!

How do you intend to cause a change if your knowledge about God hasn’t gone beyond “Our father who hath in heaven”?

Spare me the number of years you have spent in the church, it no longer matters. How familiar are you with the workings of the Kingdom? How much of the Kingdom conduct is registered in your members yet you chase heaven more than you chase God? You are not even a threat to Satan, he still oppresses you at will.

Why will you approach God only when you are in need of blessings without genuine desire to know Him.

If only you know the fulfilment of your destiny is tied to your relationship with God. If only you know how many souls are connected to your rising.

If your Christian Faith is all about begging for blessings, how then do you intend to make a change? What does the coming generation have to inherit from you? Religion or Life? Will you be passing this baton of lukewarmness to the coming generation?

Challenge the trend in your life time and change the course.

God is need of Sincere Seekers and not just Religious Beggars.

Where do you stand?

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