An Interview with Tolulope Omokore on Daachiever Inc.

The Christian Author Interview with Tolulope Omokore- Episode 12

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I am virtually dancing in (as usual, winks); did you miss Episode 11? (click that). We are still in the business of connecting you with amazing Christian authors and their books across the world, and today we have a special lady joining in. Stay seated, calm, collected, cool (add another ‘C’) and be blessed.

Let’s go…

An Interview with Tolulope Omokore on Daachiever Inc.
An Interview with Tolulope Omokore on Daachiever Inc.

Interview Team Lead: You can proceed, the audience are ready to rock and roll

Loveth: Thank you; we are glad to have YOU, YES YOU reading this. It always mean something to us. To our guest; we are about to proceed; but before that can we meet you?

Tolulope: Yes, you can. My name is Tolulope Enitan Omokore, I am a Legal practitioner,  Creative writer and Author. I am a source of positive influence and encouragement in the world and I exhibit this through every area of my life.

Interview Team Lead: Having a lawyer on this show, (wow); our first lawyer was Temidayo, she is an amazing personality. I guess with them on this show, our contents are well protected from the ‘copiers’ (smiles). You are welcome, Lawyer Tolu.

Loveth: What inspired you to start writing? Have you always wanted to be an author?

Tolulope: I started writing since I was a child, although, at that time, I did not recognize the skills. I was mostly alone at that time, and my book and pen became a safe place for me to share my thoughts, I found solace in doing that. Professionally, I listened to a message by Myles Munroe years back, and I realised that my talent was meant to be displayed to the world and not buried, it inspired me to put more efforts into writing and also to develop myself.

Interview Team Lead: I believe, we all find solace in writing; it is that safe harbor for virtually all writers; many who are reading this can so relate to it; am I right?

Loveth: ‘Treasure in a jar of clay’ gives an exposition of the great treasures God has deposited in each person. What are the processes to know the treasures and utilize those treasures?.

Tolulope: The book ‘Treasures in a jar of clay’ explains 5 processes to know the treasures God deposited in us and how to utilize those treasures.

There is the discovery stage where I emphasized that there can be no self-discovery without God-discovery, you need to discover and know God for yourself before you can know who you are and the treasures that have been deposited in you. There is the extraction process after you have discovered the treasures God deposited in you; it should be brought out for the world to see. There is also the crushing process which is a fundamental process; it is a stage that isn’t so pleasant but a point where debris is removed and a process where growth takes place.

There is the refining process, where God refines us so that we can reflect His glory. There is the polishing stage where God aligns us with people and opportunities that will enable us to utilize those treasures; it is also an avenue for self-improvement. The display process is the last, and it is a stage where the treasures are displayed to the world to make an impact,  bring Glory to God and also make money.

Interview Team Lead: Wow, I am learning. From discovery to extraction, crushing, refining and then display process. One cannot succeed with the other; that’s expository.

Loveth: Chapter 3 of treasures in a jar of clay talks about ‘unadorned clay pots’. Can you tell us about it?

Tolulope: This chapter of the book was written as a form of encouragement to the readers that no matter what our weaknesses maybe or limitation of any kind, God’s power can still be made strong in our weaknesses only if we submit to his will. He can bring the treasures out of the lives that some may have undermined. Biblical Characters like Rahab,  Esther, Gideon and others were examined. Real-life examples like Ben Carson, Joyce Meyer and others were also examined in this section. This chapter summarises that no matter how messed up a person may be, the power of God can transform such a life and bring out the hidden treasures in them.

Loveth: What key challenge did you face while writing the book?

Tolulope: The major challenge was research-related. I had to do a comparative analysis with the processes that diamond, gold, silver undergo before they are eventually appreciated and become treasures valued by many. I am not a geologist or miner; the only thing related was the geography I did back in Secondary School. Thankfully, I was able to get materials to help me understand the processes these treasures undergo, and it helped me explain it concerning the treasures God deposited in us.

Loveth: Shadows of Hope is a fictional story where Oluwadarasimi was the main character. Were any of the characters based on real people that you know?

Tolulope: No, the characters were entirely fictional. However, the stories I have heard or read about had a way of influencing the story and some of the characters.

Loveth: What warm ups do you use to get your writing flowing? Do you believe in the concept of muse?

Tolulope: During moments where it seems I am stuck, I look for a peaceful and serene environment so that I won’t be distracted. I also find inspiration from nature and from reading. The more I read, the more ideas that keep flowing. I also spend time praying and meditating; most of my inspiration is gotten either while praying or reading the Scriptures.

Interview Team Lead: So typical of me also, whenever I am stuck; I do this. Another thing I am used to is having family time or just relaxing. It helps me bounce back on my feet. Christian Author, being stuck is not a curse, neither is it something to feel burdened about; take a break, will you?

Loveth: As a Christian, did your faith influence your writings? If yes, then how?

Tolulope: Yes, it influences my writings. It has created the path my writings should take; I use my pen as a tool of positive impact to the society. Most of my inspiration is gotten from the place of prayer or while meditating on the Scriptures, and I ensure that whatever I write impacts lives positively and brings glory to God.

Loveth: What message do you hope that your readers take away from your book ‘Treasures in a jar of clay’?

Tolulope: I want my readers to know that no one was created empty no matter what people or society has told them. No one was created to be a nonentity,  God has deposited a lot of treasures into our lives, and it can only be discovered and properly utilized when we have a working relationship with God.

Loveth: List the books you’ve authored and how they can be purchased.

Tolulope: Treasures in a jar of clay- Published in 2020 and it can be purchased via

Memoirs of a Jos ‘Corper’ – Published in 2019 and it can be purchased via

Shadows of Hope- Published in 2018 and it can be purchased via (This is FREE)

Interview Team Lead: This was quite a short episode, do you agree? Short, simple, on point, and powerful. Thank you for reading. Kindly listen to our podcast on Anchor or via your favourite listening platforms like Google podcasts or Spotify. On Anchor, you can get all our other links. Till we meet next time on Interviews, be well and happy

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