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Jimmy and I have been married for 6 years. We met at an eatery at the eastern gate of Manitoba’s popular restaurant. I won’t say all had been rosy, but my marriage to Jimmy has been a journey of ‘sweet smelling savor’. We have two boys together, who are in the boarding house for studies. My husband had made submissiveness so easy that I honored and gave him the respect he deserves. One might think we are newly wedded, because of how young we look.

It happened on a Friday morning when a client had come to register his business with our company. I happen to be the secretary of my boss and have been working with him for 3 years now. He came into my office to ask for the requirements on how to go about his registration.

Just as I was explaining, I noticed he was lost in thoughts. I stopped talking when I noticed how lost he was. I tapped him to know if he was alright. He affirmed to be, as I continued with my “story”.

“Can we have dinner together?” He said immediately. “Huh! E….e.. excuse me, sir?” I said in disbelief.

“Please?” He said rather confidently.

I ran a quick scan on him with my eyes and I almost sent him out of my office when my eyes saw the shiny ring on his left finger. I suppressed my anger, knowing I am at my workplace. “Sir! You’re married! And from the look of things, you’re newly wedded sir”. Read: JUST ONE SLAP

He adjusted his seat and looked away from my direction. “Yes! I’m married, but we could just be friends” he said while trying to be busy with the files on my table. “How will your wife take this when she finds out sir”? I quickly said with disgust on my face.

“Well… She doesn’t have to find out. We are just 3 months old in marriage, she trusts me so well” were the next line of sentence that struck my head like lighting. I opened my mouth and eyes wide like I’ve seen a ghost. 

“See! When I walked into your office, your beauty struck me. I saw a woman that’s more beautiful than my wife. Your beauty is amazing. Just one dinner, after that, I’ll be off”.

This man is sick o. Abi I’m the only one seeing a lunatic in my office? I’ve never seen anything of such not even when I was single. I swallowed hard, smiled at him telling him I’ll give him a chance, but under two conditions.

He accepted without hearing what I’ll say.  Smiling sheepishly, he adjusted his tie and gave me a wink to speak on.  I told him to call his wife and take permission from her before we could go out.

He looked at me and balanced back on his seat, asked me of my second condition as I brought my phone out, dialed my husband’s number and ask him to speak on my behalf. “ar….are you married?” He asked in shocked. “No, sir! I tied a knot with my husband”. “And guess what? Not three months, but six years ago”. 

I felt insulted when he blotted out the rubbish from his mouth, but I had to keep my cool. I told him he needed “JESUS!”. I mean! 3 months in marriage and you’re seeing a woman that’s more beautiful than your wife? What is wrong with some men in this world? Made a mistake before, learn how to accept them.

I never knew I had the gift of ”marriage counseling” until the day he walked into my office. I counseled him on how to build his home in Christ, so even his maid won’t be more prettier than his wife. I know we’re covered with flesh, but brother… You can flee! Even the Bible says we should resist the devil, and he’ll flee. 

Awòn beauty àti beast. Beauty fades. Discipline yourself and love your wife even as Christ loves the church. 

Keep it real

Keep it alive

Build it up, and let Christ lead you.


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