A poem on the Lord's day and Believer's readiness

The Lord’s day- A poem by Ifeoluwa Ajao

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Ripple upon ripple
Wave upon wave
Layers renewed as they–
Seem folding up on the surface.
The flow of rivers

The whistling of breeze;
Each moving in channels–
Not made by man,
They are without hindrance.


Opening men up for the–
Refreshing of the Supreme.
Dawning upon them as the day
Of Yahweh’s coming draws near.

The turning of life’s events
Urging many to walk the path–
Of Life as many remained defiance
To be moved and instructed of God.

Like sudden rain, it will come;
The appearing of The Begotten
And like the sharp fading of twilight,
This life and her lust will vanish.

And at the blink of the eyes
Men will appear before Him.
But to what end?


Prayer point: “May we never be found missing on the Lord’s day”.


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