The power of resurrection

The Power of Resurrection: A Poem

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To and fro the path of morality I roam
Still, my guilt stays
Where else could I go?
What else could I do?

Placebos of penance and resolves only aggravate my miseries – but still, I must try
Oh, wretched man that I am!
Who can deliver me from this burden of guilt
Is my good heart my undulator?
Is there peace in blandness?

To life, there must be a meaning
Still, my accolades don’t ease my feel
Vanity my heart tingles
‘Watin money no fit do too much money go do am’- So the bustle continues
Oh, wretched man that I am!

Beguiling lads and delightful lasses, as drawing as the ruins of Chinese walls.
Why do sicknesses seem to find thee a worthy prey?
Why hath thine life become a lawn for nefarious beings?

I know of a man
Eradicated but not consumed
Devoured but not destroyed
He arose!
His hugs leave a fragrance of tranquility, kiss a dose of power, his touch a healing courier

I know of a weight lifting device
Standing between the heavens and earth
It is a sin lifter,
An emblem of reconciliation with divinity.
It is the cross!

I know of a crony
Whose whimpers give guidance
His wings a haven, aura charisma
His signature is power
He is the holy ghost
He is the power of resurrection.

Oh yeah, who exude appeal, are you not tired of this facade?
Would you linger till your withering seconds to clasp mercy’s slippery hands?
Would you dangle on the frontier of timeless time to divulge my love present?

Daddy as many that are yet to taste of the resurgence power of the risen Lord, as they come to you, toss them not away.
Tonight sir, as many that come home, let there be healing, deliverance, and help.

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