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The Reason for the Season: Christmas

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Christmas is here and do you know why you are celebrating Christmas? There is a reason for the season.

Are you sure it’s not a vain celebration? Do you have a meaningful relationship with the reason?

I hope you don’t just want to have all the fun in the world today and forget why today came into existence.

Will you show a little bit of love and kindness to people around you? Or do you just want to have all the fun alone?

Do you want a Christmas present? This is my present to you.

Jesus Christ is the reason for the season, his birth gave you life and hope. His birth and death made the difference between a life of light and darkness.

His birth and death made the difference between a life of destruction, decadence, and that of great glory.

It made the difference between a life of doom and great destiny. Jesus Christ is the reason why we have life and hope.

He is the reason why the whole world is filled with laughter and celebration of his birth. He wasn’t just given birth to like that and left with the record of being born in the manger but he walked the face of the earth for thirty-three years.

He didn’t walk the face of the earth purposelessly but he walked fulfilling the purpose of his birth which he ended on the cross to give you a new life which is the gift of righteousness.

His present to you is the life he gave on the cross and do you know you have a present for him? Yes, you do, and the present is to reciprocate that love he showed you by dying on the cross to him and others around you.

His love gave birth to this season of celebration. Once upon a time, a people lost relationship, position, dignity because of sin but in a bid to restore them back to, the father said “Who shall go for us” and suddenly the WORD said, “Here am I, send me.”

Where would you be without his overwhelming love? Where would you be if he declined to take the cross?

His love is too much, his birth led to his death, he walked the face of the earth thirty-three years for you to have a life of great glory and destiny instead of a life of doom, decadence, and destruction.

He went all the way to conquer death for you, he loves you so much, he is light, he is the child that was born to save the world, he is Emmanuel.

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Don’t let this Christmas celebration be like every other season you have celebrated, don’t let this be a routine, his love is too much for this season to just be a norm to you.

His birth shouldn’t be a norm to you, he’s worth more than just a norm, he is worth more than all the fun you want to have in the world today.

His birth is the greatest gift to mankind. The story of his love is his coming into the world to lay down his life for you.

Where would you be if the WORD didn’t offer himself as a sacrifice? He is the sacrificial lamb for the atonement of the sin of mankind.

He is the advocate of the father’s love, he is the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world, he is worth more than silver or gold.

Can silver and gold give you a new life? Can it show you, love? Can it give you the free gift of righteousness? Do you pray to silver or gold to give you the good tidings in life?

Are silver and gold the reason for your celebration today?

All for love the father gave his son, all for love, the son offered to die, for only love could make a way, all for love, the WORD was crucified.

Since he is the reason for the season, everything you need is him, your beginning, your forever.

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