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What If I Didn’t: A True Story

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What if I didn't.... True StoryIt was nothing far from an opportunity, the moment he decided to confide in me; all through our discussion I wondered what he must have seen in me; why did he speak as though I was righteous and holy?. Why did he think I worth being in the position of offering a piece of advice? As he questions me on my thought about the subject of concern, I answered the best way I could, not sure of what words were coming out of my mouth.


“You must come for the reunion Miracle, let’s connect with friends and all” Bode spoke over the phone, his voice pleading my reply would be positive. Reunion to me was outdated and of course a waste of my precious time.

“Okay, I will try.”

“Promise me, don’t try… promise, you will?”

“I don’t want to promise and fail”  I answered, it would be difficult to avoid the reunion if I made a promise to him just because he pleaded, I didn’t like the idea of promising and failing.

“So, what do you say? Will you come?”

“I said I would try, just pray I’m less busy.”

“C’ mon Miracle, make time for your friends. Adjust your schedule if you must, I must see you at the reunion. I wouldn’t be happy if you decided not to come.”

“Okay Bode, stop this… I promise to be there.”

He made me promise, and I knew deep within, I mustn’t fail. The day to the reunion drew near; I had to cut down on my busy schedule to fulfil a promise. I had clothed myself in white denim jeans and polo shirt with casual palm.

Stepping into the open field, I spotted my friend, the one who made me promise as against my wish speaking with some group of colleagues. There was a kid, a lanky one that had suddenly turned into a handsome boy overnight seated on the grass with girls surrounding him. I remembered the kid, while in school, he was so thin that even the wind could sweep him off his feet, indeed the sayings were true; distance could make a person look different.

I sauntered towards Bode and friends tapping him on the shoulders; he was all smiling at my presence and couldn’t resist giving a manly hug.

“I’m glad you came.”

“Well…” I started off

“I couldn’t break a promise, you know I hate myself when I do.”

“I know, that’s why I made you promise,” he said and hysterical laughter followed his words.

“My guess… you made me promise with an intention.”

“If I didn’t, would you have come?” he asked still laughing

He was right; I wouldn’t have come. “Since you are here, you should meet some of our old colleagues in school; you won’t believe your eyes when you see some of them” Bode confessed


“If you will excuse me, friends, I have to take my friend here on tour around the field” Bode permissively asked from the group of friends with him. I pleaded with his friends trying to check if I could recognise a face or two but luckily in the right way.


Bode and I walked across the open field with friends and mates connecting one with another, if I could count the years correctly; some were meeting for the first time in five years, some seven and the likes but the least would be three years. Kids were running around the field, must be children of those who had married.  Many things happened over the years with me, but the best I could ever say was the year I turned everything over to the creator of my life. It was a beautiful memory I couldn’t trade with anything.

“So Miracle, how is your walk with God over the years?” Bode asked

I smiled at his question; he was interested not only in my growth towards achieving my life goals but my soul. It made me describe our friendship with that of David and Jonathan in the Bible. “I just thought of the day I gave my life to Christ now; I must say, Bode… truly the bed isn’t full of roses but thorns at times but I must say it is a life of daily sacrifice.”

“You’re right, that is the best way to put it” he smiled patting me by the shoulder.

“Do you remember Daniel Famuyiyo?” Bode asked while we sat on the bench in a thatch hut.

‘Daniel, Daniel” I repeated the name hoping to remember anyone with that name

“Daniel, your sister’s classmate; remember?”

“Oh, that Daniel; what is with him?” I asked

“He asked to see you; he was one of the reasons I had to make you promise.”

See me. Why? I wondered within me


He said he needed someone to talk him out, the ideas running his head seems too pleasing to him, and it was deadly. As Daniel confided in me with the thoughts running through his mind, I questioned myself quite often. Watching him pour out his mind as I tried talking him out of the idea in him, I saw the relief on his face, never had I seen anyone looked like that. He was full of gratitude at my little words, and I stood thinking just what did I say to him that mattered.

“Thank you, Miracle; I needed someone to tell me it was wrong… I knew it was, but I couldn’t bring myself to say the truth to myself. Thank for not pushing me away like everyone would do” every word spelt gratitude and at that moment though I didn’t understand what exactly I had said to him, I remembered the verse of the Bible in Romans 10:14 “But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them? “

“Why did you come to me for help?”  I ask before he left my side

“Because something changed in you over the years, you have something I didn’t, and besides I knew I could trust you to tell me the right thing. You wouldn’t watch me go astray, the brother in you I know wouldn’t sit still and watch me mess up not when you have the chance to change me.”

His words simplified it all for me; I had planted a seed in him.


Kudabo Victory - Blogger, Writer.

Writer’s Corner:  Let’s start from this note, I’m very sorry for not being consistent with the searchlight series for two weeks now; I had a lot going on, but I’m glad to be back.

This week on the series, I was opportune to speak to someone, and this story is the outcome of the conversation. It made me see things in a new light; some youths and even people didn’t turn bad or become someone they didn’t want to be; some had the opportunity to speak with those around them on what runs their mind, but a few gave an attentive ear to their words. Some didn’t get the right words of encouragement neither did they mingle with the right set of people, and that’s why they turned out the way they are, some rapist, some porn addicts, some into fraudulent acts among other behaviours.

I was delighted someone confided in me to tell me what goes on in his heart; my words clarified some things to him. He knew friends around him wouldn’t tell him the truth, not because he didn’t see the truth, but he couldn’t admit that truth.

A quick question to the readers, have you in any way shunned anyone who seeks your advice in one thing or the other? Can people around you trust you enough to tell them the truth? Moreover, to the ones nursing thoughts and hatching plans your mind condemns you on, why don’t you yield to the voice that gentles whisper to you the truth? Alternatively, get advice from people around you that you are sure wouldn’t lead you astray.

Keynote: ‘Let us make it a habit to listen to those around us, and don’t just listen alone; tell them nothing but the truth, play your part who knows you might be planting  a seed.’

Till next week,

Stay in the centre of God’s will.

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