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Here, what if you had it all wrong?

I doubt you have

But read below;

What If You Had It All Wrong?

Can a man jump into the river and not be soaked?

Can a man touch fire and not burn?

Can a man eat live coals and not scream?

Can a man sweep a dusty floor putting on a white garment and not be stained?

Can a man receive something without a stretch of his hand?


If a man be wise, he would know that fire can burn and a snake truly bites

What if you had it all wrong with your goals

So then; in today’s quote; I want to let you in on something

“You cannot keep beating around a bush with a stick and expect the trees to fall down from its root”


What talent have you?




If all you do is imagine and not act; you are only feeding your imagination and starving your reality


You are on a journey in life if you must make an impact on the massive field of this world; you need to have the right instrument unless your dreams will only be possible in your imaginary world.

What are you not doing right?

Have a deep check within


Who knows maybe you have been beating the trees(dream) with a stick all along?

Be wise

Your dream is possible

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If only you act appropriately using the right tool;

Cheers to your dreams;

By the way; I am a big fan of yours just so you know

I am rooting for you

See you tomorrow!!!

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