Who are You Part I: A question to be answered

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Most people have wondered at least at some point in their lives;

“Who am I?
What makes ME?
What defines my identity?”

Few people ever feel satisfied with the answers they come up with. Some might embrace their own sense of identity for a while yet face the reality of the impermanence of things.

“Who are you?”

This is a question I often ask young people because I like to hear people’s definition of themselves. This question always poses a daunting moment in the minds of the people it is fired at. And we often fail to answer this question in the right order; i.e from it’s base.

Why is this so?

The reason is ignorance! We just subconsciously go with the status quo.

What is status quo? you might ask.

Why don’t we find out together?

I bet you the “status-quo-answer we all give is lurking somewhere within you. It is time to fish it out.

Now take a few seconds or minutes to answer this question: WHO ARE YOU?

Your answer will probably be:

I am me.
I am somebody.
My name is A, I come from B, I live in C, I work as a D and I like E.
I’ll spare you the story.

Who are you? A question to be answered

If your answer sounded similar to that, It’s not wrong answer, rather it’s wrong order.
The above answers may be correct at some point but not now.

It is okay to define one’s self based on what associates with us, but it is more important we get the proper definition through the connection with our source (God).

Only then can we truly know who we are. Just like fishes has water as its source, trees have the earth as their source, the man also has a source. Take the fish out of its source and it dies, the same thing happens with the tree, and man isn’t left out either. But defining ourselves through what we do or what we can do is likened to roofing a house that hasn’t been built. Impossible!

Where is the foundation?

Where is the block work?

Three simple building steps to discover who we are:
  • The Foundation
  • The Block work
  • The Roofing.

Now pick up your shovels, let’s go a-building’


The strength of a building lies in the foundation. The main purpose of foundation is to hold the structure above it and keep it upright. On the contrary, a poorly constructed foundation can be dangerous. Just like the high-rise buildings we have these days, it is very essential to have a solid foundation. Therefore, it is expedient to determine the quality of the construction materials when building – and guess what? You are much more important and valuable than any high-rise building in the world.
(Psalm 8:4-8) and through God and His Word, you’ll have the best foundation that could ever be! See Mathew 7:24-28.

With a foundation as solid as God’s, you’re sure to have the best, and the most fulfilling life there ever could be!

You are made in the image and likeness of the creator! (Genesis 1:26,27).

Every product comes with an operation manual – a description of what the product is and how it works. Man is the product of God and thus the operation manual for man is God’s Word. Man needs guidance & instructions to tell him who he is, how to live his life. It’s like many gift toys children receive for their birthdays. Special instructions are included to aid in the assembly, identity and operation of the toy. Without instructions, many would be useless. Likewise, without instructions from our creator our life on this earth would be totally useless, without any real value.
Now that we have figured the Bible – God’s word, to be our guide, what does it say about us?

Genesis 1: 26;

Let us make man in our own image after our likeness…

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. Have dominion…

Psalm 82:6

“ I said, ye are “gods”; ‘ye are children of the Most High.’

Think of it this way; a Lion begets a lion, a lamb begets a lamb and in the same way, a God begets a god!

We are children of God made in His image and likeness! We are made to subdue and have dominion! We are gods!

You are a god, not because I said so, but because your heavenly Father said so in His Words!

It is not in man to direct his own steps and find his identity, our creator has supplied us with a manual to reveal our identity to us, instruct us on how to live here on earth and how to prepare for eternity with Him in Heaven. (2 Timothy 3.16, 17).

Therefore our foundation and identity had been secured in God, sadly in the world today, lots of people lose sight of what God meant for us, and this results in a life of frustration and failure.

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Let us shift our focus back to our source – God.

Since the Bible is our manufacturer’s manual and it has just revealed to us that we are gods, doesn’t it make sense if we study it more often and thoroughly than we do? I bet you there are more interesting things to find out about ourselves and our identity and the only thing we can trust to give us the right information is God’s Word. Journey through with me in the second part of this revelation as we continue with our building – the Block Work and finally the roofing.

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