Who are You Part II: Your Identity in Christ

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In the previous part here; we asked a question demanding an answer. This part is more focused on the three-dimensional structure of every human being, each structure is dependant on the other.

The block work of every form of building whether big or small is to give the shape, size, and structure of the building. It provides the framework and offers rigidity, which incorporates a network or system of columns and connecting beams which support the building’s interior floors and exterior walls and carries all the loads of the foundations laid.

It is therefore expedient to say there can be no building without a block work, put differently, a block-less building is no building at all.

It is one thing to initiate the ideas on how the block work should look like, but it is best to find out the materials suitable for it because quality begets quality.

In like manner, our Heavenly Father crafted man with a structure so unique; a frame work that offers flexibility and stability that equips man to maneuver his existence here on earth, to effectively co-relate with his surrounding and to maintain fellowship with Him (God).

This frame work incorporates a three – dimensional structure; Spirit, Soul, Body where one cannot exist without the other.

Man, as a three- dimensional being

Man is a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. You might wonder how true is this. As written in the scripture, everything born out of its kind, inherits every property of its kind. The seed of an orange tree when cultivated will eventually bring forth an orange tree, a mango seed grows to become a mango tree. See Genesis 1:12, everything reproduce after its kind. It will be impossible, infact down right bone-chilly scary to have an orange seed grow into a mango tree. God is a Spirit as recorded in John 4:4 therefore His offspring (man) was born a spirit too. But the domain of man is the earth, and the all-wise God sculpted a physical body to enable man relate with the physical world. See Genesis 2:7;

“…then the Lord God formed man of dust
From the ground, and breathed into his nostrils
The breath of life and man became a living being.”


It is impossible for a spirit being to operate and relate with a physical world effectively, therefore the necessity of a physical body, formed out of fragments of the earth. The body of man, formed out of the dust of the earth equally had no life in it until God dropped into it His seed (the spirit) which carries the very essence of life. At this point of conception the body of man came to life, ready to explore the earth, have dominion over it and subdue it.

The body houses the seed of God (man’s spirit) and helps it interact with his environment while the spirit in return makes-alive the body. Think about it; how wonderful it is to see the beauty of nature, smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers and feel the breeze around you. Your body has made this possible!


The complexity of the existence of man with his relation to his environment and his Father (God) anchors on his soul.

How do I mean? Follow through…

The soul of the man is his seat of consciousness, it is the network system that aids connectivity between the physical and spirit world. A man isn’t complete without a soul. The soul of man is synonymous with his mind; a man in a faulty state of mind isn’t considered. Ever wondered why our incapacitated fellows dressed with an end-to-end-sleeved shirt enclosed in padded rooms found in asylums/mental hospitals are usually not numbered during a nation’s census? It is assumed that the person isn’t complete.

The soul can be used interchangeably with the mind and it functions as the bridge between the physical world and the spirit world. It is the system that interprets messages from the sense organs of man and aids the spirit of man to communicate with his Father (God) on a spiritual level.

So far in our journey to discover who we truly are, right from the first part of this super-duper expository discovery, we’ve come to the realization that;

1. We are children of God, hand-made by the Almighty.

2. We are made to subdue and have dominion.

3. We are gods.

4. We have been structured in the most magnificent way which enables us to maintain fellowship with our Father and to interact with our physical surroundings. And guess what! There’s still more to us than what we’ve just discovered! Yes, you got that right, there’s more to discover! Tag along and follow through as we make more discoveries in the next series of WHO ARE YOU?

Remain blessed always, and never forget; your identity in Christ, and not in another man.

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