Who is Love? I want Love

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“I want love!”

That was me screaming, not at anyone in particular;

But I wish someone could hear me and present love to me in person if there was anything like that.

Who is Love?

What is Love?

Can’t I have a taste of what Love is all about?

These were the questions on my lips, yet I couldn’t find answers to any of them.

I grew up without my parent so I don’t know how it feels to have one and to be loved by one.

In the course of finding love, I was victimized by a “perverted” love called “lust” packaged with a mere euphoric feeling that robbed me of my innocence.

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It left me heartbroken and shattered. Life itself became a myth.

All these put me in doubt, if there is anything called “Love”.

But my experience can’t deny the reality of His existence.

People confessing love for each other appear fake and insincere to me. Yet there was a thirst;

A desire and insatiable hunger;

A strong voice within me crying and yearning for love that I couldn’t silence.

But I find it hard to bring myself to the reality of His existence because of my experience.

Little did I know that LOVE IS NOT A FEELING, HE IS A PERSON.

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Glorious was the day I met Him! This Beauty to behold and Amazing personality. I thought He wouldn’t want someone like me, rotten and battered!

I thought of hiding my scars so that I won’t loose Him. Poor me!

But He said my scars attracted Him to me.

Little did I know that my thoughts about me does not change His thoughts towards me.

His perfection intimidated me but He told me that my imperfection was the reason He died.

He healed my brokenness;
Beautified my life and gave me reasons to smile again.
I’m no longer searching for love because He has made me a custodian of love.

What does “Love” means to you?

Love is beyond feeling or perception.

He is a Personality, and the person is Jesus Christ.

His absence in your life is the reason you search for Love endlessly and couldn’t find one.

Quit the Search and Chase for Love and accept the Love Himself!

Any Love outside Christ won’t stand the test of time, it will definitely fade away.

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Come to the one, whose Love can reposition your life and make you a Carrier of what He represents, “Love”.

Not experiencing His Love means you have cleaved to yourself so much.

It’s time to let go and let God!

Hope you are doing that already?

I love you but He loves you more!

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