Why is Sexual Purity so Important to God?

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The express will of God and His utmost desire for us is to be pure just as He is. Hence sexual purity is an integral part of the purity that God demands from us.

“As it is written, be ye Holy for I am Holy”

1st Peter 1:16

Is sexual purity an old fashioned thing?

Sexual purity is often trivialized in the world today because of the degree of moral and spiritual decadence. Some believe that once you attain a certain age, you are allowed to have sex.

But listen, no amount of civilization can neutralize God’s word or render it ineffective. Humans can evolve but God’s word stands sure and it’s eternal.

God instituted marriage first before sex happens from the scripture. In Genesis 4:1,
It was stated that “Adam knew his wife” not his girlfriend or whatever the definition the world gave to sexual partners. Meaning, Eve was married to Adam before they copulate.

But many don’t even realize that much more is involved in sexual immorality than the pleasure.

It isn’t just about the act but the heart. Therefore it’s not just about having sex outside the confinement of marriage but the response of your entire being to sexual urges.

To have sexual urges isn’t bad, it’s part of God’s designation for man but individual’s response to sexual urges is what determines if you are sexual immoral or not.

Is there any provision by God for sexual purity?

People tend to stress sexual purity on do’s and don’t which is not totally wrong but often becomes an impediment to ascertain that it is the life that Christ has purchased for us with His own blood.

Besides that, it is the will of God for every child of God to be sexually pure, He also made provisions for it. Therefore, we have no excuse for being sexually immoral.

According as His Divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that called us into Glory and virtue.

2nd Peter 1:3

Sexual purity is God’s will and His demands for every creation but it can’t be attainable without salvation.

For this is the will of God, even our sanctification that we should abstain from fornication. That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honor.

1st Thessalonians 4:3-4

Emphasis on “know how”, meaning sexual purity is attained by in-depth knowledge of who you are in Christ and living in the light of this knowledge.

The Bible expressly command us to be sexually pure.

However, the victory over sexual immorality isn’t in the commandment but the provisions made for attainment. Therefore every child of God can attain sexual purity.

1st Peter 1:3

The struggles we often encounter in staying sexually pure is often because we have focused too much on the commandment for purity more than God’s provision for purity.

The Importance of Sexual Purity
The Importance of Sexual Purity

People’s misconception about sexual purity

Abstinence till marriage is good but it’s not enough to stay sexually pure. Being discipline isn’t enough either because immorality isn’t a respecter of anyone especially in this sexual perverted world.

The response of your heart to God in due season is the foundation on which sexual purity is laid.

“I’m keeping myself for my husband” is not sexual purity. There is difference between guarding your hymen and guarding your heart. Defilement and immoralities begins from the heart.

Joseph would have been pressurized to have sex if his reason for abstinence is just to get married as a virgin. Think about this, “how do I then commit this great wickedness and sin against God?” He could flee because he has already resolved in his heart not to dishonor God.

Self discipline can keep your body, your consciousness of sonship in Christ will keep your heart.

Your determination and discipline will be concretized when your motive for abstinence goes beyond just “my wife” or “my husband” but the nature of Christ you allow to find expression within you which makes you detest what He detest and love what He loves.

Can one maintain sexual purity even after loosing their virginity?

It’s important to know that sexual purity is not synonymous to intact hymen. Avoiding penetration or penetrating while engaging in all other pre- sexual activities is still nothing but immorality. All other sexual act outside the confinement of marriage, homosexuality, beastiality are all sexual impurities.

From Biblical standpoint, Marriage is honourable among all and bed undefiled for the whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Hebrews 13:4

Sexual purity is more of what you allow God do with your entire being, your heart and soul inclusive and not just your body.

Non-virgins redeemed, sanctified and consecrated can be sexually pure if they become conscious of their victory over sexual immorality, abstain from every appearances of evil and walk in consciousness of who lives within.

Once you begin to understand that you carry God inside of you, a temple you can’t afford to defile, it will guide you in making decisions.

How do one stay afloat sexual pressure from the opposite sex?

Many people have been pressurized to engage in sexual immorality by either friends and associates not just from the opposite sex. Some of those pressures often trigger the curiosity to know what sexual pleasure feels like.

Many people give up their determination to abstain from sexual immorality because of this.

Therefore, one needs to become rooted in God, get a concretized conviction, and let everyone around you know what you stand for. This can help us navigate the course of life in this sexually perverted world.

Whenever you’re pressurized to give in, don’t keep it to yourself, discuss with fellow brethren who can bring you to the consciousness of who you are and help you to stand firm. Don’t be quick to forget who you are in Christ in the face of pressure. Remember Joseph.

Maintaining sexual purity as a Christian
How can a Believer maintain Sexual Purity

Benefits of sexual purity

The benefits are numerous, but I will share few

  1. It puts you at peace with God and man
  2. It boosts your self-esteem and confidence
  3. It quickens your spirit man
  4. It puts you in charge of your decisions and helps you navigate the course of life through the Holy Spirit

Sexual purity is celebrated every 14th of November all around the world.


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