Why you must continue moving even when you are tired

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Life is the riding of a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must continue moving

– Unknown

It is a famous saying that the end of a thing is always greater than the beginning. This saying applies to whatever it is one engages in life. An example of this is a track event, at the start, all you see are other competitors and no finish line but getting to the end where the prize is, are only for those who run all. Hence, you must keep moving.

It is no easy thing to continue to move, as many challenges never present themselves at the start. The moment you take the step to move, the challenges surface one after the other in a bid to threaten the course of continuing. Do you just give in when the problems are becoming unbearable? No! This is because there must have been something you conceived from the beginning that gave birth to the need for a move, and until you get it, you should never stop moving.

Challenges must step in, but they only make the race more fun. If there were no obstacles, moving would be boring as there no adventures you explored. Those who have made up their mind to continue to move must be determined, resilient, motivated, disciplined, courageous and most importantly have the God-factor. It is good to possess all of the above but having God ensures your quest to continue is not based on mere struggles and ensures you don’t throw in the towel easily.

Is the nation becoming unbearable? Do you see no better condition for your dream to thrive in this nation? Just keep moving because you don’t know what is at the end of the finish line. I assure you that it is beautiful, but if you stop halfway, you gain nothing which is synonymous to another person who didn’t move.

As you continue to move, though the finish line is your focus, you learn other needful things along the way that can be instrumental for the end or possibly a new adventure.

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Octavia Spencer said, “Keep moving, keep going, keep doing that which makes your voice unique”. It is only in the decision to continue to move that you can get a voice for your voice.

Many of us just like the marathon athletes have a gotten to a point where we see no need to continue because all we hope for seems blurry and appears to look like a mirage. Still, there is a burning inside of us that continues to say you must keep moving; you can’t give up here. If you must continue to move, that burning inside of you must never die. It must continue to burn and should be fierce, a desire to see the end.

You must continue moving…. Never throw in the towel!

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