Your Flesh or the Spirit: Which is greater?

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The popular Bible verse that comes to mind when asked to give a comparison about the flesh and spirit for me is always this:

The Spirit is always willing but the flesh is weak

The War of the Flesh and Spirit

I pondered this morning on what to put out for today’s quote, I must never forget the place of consistency; a lot of people have joined this challenge and I realized backing out is not an option for me.

So this morning, I had a predetermined routine, something I had thought out before sleeping the previous night. Everything was working perfectly well, morning devotion was checked and superb, abandoned duties in the house was checked also, I continued the video tutorial of a certificate course I was enrolled for but there was something missing; the previous night I made a deal with my mind that I was going to have a personal vigil; you know with the thing going around the world; one’s personal relationship with God must remain strengthened.

Knowing fully well, I am a busy woman online with this and that, I was always tired in the night. I know this shouldn’t be an excuse not to talk with God.

Back to the deal I mentioned before, I told myself I was going to have a personal vigil, the passion was burning in my heart and I cleared my schedule abandoning them in the night as early as I could so that I was properly rested to pray

The vigil was to start by 1 and end as God permits; I woke up some minutes to 1 suddenly feeling tired. Kai, the flesh indeed. That moment, I forgot I had a routine to pray and immediately the tiredness overshadowed me until I slumped back to sleep on my bed till the next morning

I woke up feeling guilty, you know several questions flooded my mind. Victory, why will you sleep? If it is to watch video tutorials online, you wouldn’t sleep? I condemned myself so much gut I remembered something then; self-condemnation does nothing if I am not ready to instantly do something.

I was going to repay the lost hours with day prayer and nothing was going to stop me. By the grace of God, nothing did and I felt happy.

Now, Apostle Paul said “The things I love to do, I find not the grace to do them; but that which I don’t want to do, I do easily” (Rephrased)

In today’s quote, I spoke about not always gratifying the flesh but glorifying the spirit. We cannot overcome the flesh by our will power alone, we need an extra effort and that is GRACE.

Jesus Christ is Grace and spirit personified and the Bible says in Romans 13:14 “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.”

Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ means to me; making a room for him in your thoughts. If you fail to have your morning devotion, if you have made room for Jesus, you begin to understand the importance of having daily communication with God and that moment you realize your mistake, you make amends by praying even if you are busy.

The Flesh and the Spirit: Quote challenge

For us not to gratify the flesh but glorify the spirit, it is IMPORTANT for us to PUT ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST DAILY either in our thoughts, action and behaviours.


I hope to see you tomorrow on the challenge,

Stay in the armbeat of our Lord Jesus.

Thank you..

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