Christian Author's interview with Nancy Herbert on Daachiever Inc.

The Christian Author Interview with Nancy Herberts – Episode 5

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From the Interview Team on Daachiever Inc; we present to all our beloved readers, listeners, and lovers another thrilling episode of the Christian Author’s Interview. On today’s episode of the Interview, it is a privilege to speak with Nancy Herberts, a passionate Teens coach, and the author of the widely read book ‘Catalyst.’

Daachiever Inc: The audience wants to meet you? Tell us what you do, your walk with God and relationship with others?

Nancy Herberts on Christian's Author Interview at Daachiever Inc.

My name is Nancy Herberts. I am an amazing daughter of God. I study Library and Information Science in one of the higher institutions in Nigeria. I am a Certified Writer, author of the book, Catalyst, and an Editor. I am also a Teens Coach and a Faith-Based Teacher.

Nancy: My journey to being saved and where I am today is the product of the prayers of my earthly father. God bless him! Honestly, it has been a beautiful ride with God I must confess. To be saved and sanctified is the greatest gift offered to humanity. Salvation has helped me discover my identity and purpose. It has made me become a better person which in turn improved my relationship with people. Prior to my conversion, I was always at conflict with people, but today, it’s a different story. I am still not perfect, but I’m glad the Holy Spirit is there to help me.

Daachiever Inc: Why are you so passionate about writing?

Nancy: Well… Writing has always been my thing. It’s something that comes naturally to me. It’s more of a gift from God than a passion. I can write even in my sleep. (Smiles) I am passionate because it’s God’s gift to me, and a medium I can always use to reveal His mind to the world. Writing helps my thoughts find expression in a beautifully creative manner.

Daachiever Inc: Has your relationship with God imparted you on the journey to becoming an author, and how?

Nancy: Yes. My book, Catalyst is purely God’s leading. I would never have written that book if God didn’t tell me to. At some point, I wanted to drop it, but He wouldn’t let me. If I hadn’t known God, I wouldn’t be an author today. Probably, in many years to come. Catalyst is a result of my fear of God. If you fear God, you will obey Him. That’s what I just did.

Daachiever Inc: When you wrote your first book, did the words flow freely, or was it tough at first? How did you overcome if it was tough?

Nancy: Did the words flow freely? I would say it flowed freely to a point because part of the content of the book is my life story. However, there were times I put a pause on it. It wasn’t easy attending lectures, fellowship, and writing the book. I also had teens to look after. It was overwhelming, but then I was determined to get to the end. Determination and time management were key factors that stood out for me.

Daachiever Inc: How do you deal with comparison, jealousy and lack of contentment? I believe many of the upcoming Christian writers will face this. The temptation to think what you have written isn’t good enough, I have gone through that also. I will love to learn from you.

Nancy: When I started writing and putting it out on social media, I knew there was going to be more from it so I was battle-ready. First, I don’t write to please people. I write according to God’s inspiration and sometimes, my thoughts on a subject. With these established facts, I looked over jealousy, comparison, and lack of contentment. When such thoughts or feelings come, I remind myself that God works with people differently, and then I appreciate Him for how He has decided to work with me. If what you’ve written is an inspiration from God, you wouldn’t be bothered if it’s good enough or not. You know why? Every single word in your article is for a person and for a purpose. If you try to make it fit for you or the readers, the aim is lost and then God looks for another person that’s ready to do it His way. Now, if it’s an article based on your thoughts, pray that it achieves its goal on your target audience.

Daachiever Inc: Is there a place of discipline in writing a Spirit-inspired book? And why is that?

Nancy: There is a place of discipline for anything that has value and writing a Spirit-inspired book is not an exception. This is because the Holy Spirit can be a spontaneous person at times. He can interrupt you at the least expected time. If you are not sensitive enough, you will miss what He’s saying. A person who is not disciplined, a person who behaves disorderly is likely not to receive anything from the realm of the scribes. He or she would only end up writing an empty book.

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Christian Author's interview with Nancy Herbert on Daachiever Inc.

Daachiever Inc: How do you manage all your book ideas? Sometimes, the ideas of a book might come when you are writing one already, I have heard writers who write two books at the same time, many burn out in the process. Have you experienced this? Tell us more.

Nancy: Deciding to write two books at a time is a choice. I have not tried writing two books simultaneously. Rather, if I’m writing or editing a book, and an idea drops, I put it down somewhere and continue with my book. I can always go back to it later.

Daachiever Inc: What and what must I put in place before writing my first book?

Nancy: Build an audience first, please. Either online or offline. Most people make the mistake of rushing to write a book without putting purpose and influence in place. You must be known for something at least. Put your book ideas down. Start saving.  Enroll in book writing and publishing courses, even if it’s just one. Read books related to your book idea. If you want an excellent book, plan to hire a professional editor.

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Daachiever Inc: Is it mandatory for me to use my talent for writing for God? If I don’t want to include the phrase “God” in my book? Is that sinful?

Nancy: Not every writer should be a Christian writer. There are different niches.  I have more than four unpublished fictional books. Throughout my days in secondary school, I was always writing stories. I used to write more than I read my textbooks. I have always wanted to be an author of fiction. But God interrupted me. Our walk with God is different, just choose the path ordained for you. Why would anyone want to omit “God” from his or her book? Whether fiction or non-fiction, it’s God that gives the idea and talent. Please, do what is right!

Daachiever Inc: Tell us more about Noble fingers Resources and what you do there?  How has it been managing your business?

Nancy: Noble Fingers Resources is an umbrella for creative writing, book editing, teen advocacy, and social works. We are committed to making your dream writing career or book a reality, aiding teens to live a God kind of life, and volunteering for a better society. It’s not been easy doing all that especially the teen advocacy part. It can be very draining but then God always comes through for me.

Christian Author's interview with Nancy Herbert on Daachiever Inc.

Daachiever Inc: What common mistakes are newbie writers likely to make the first time they begin? Did you make some of them too?

Nancy: As a newbie, I had issues with critics. Some people said I was wasting my talent and time on Christain writing. It was too much that I nearly gave it up. Only God’s grace and mercy saw me through. Newbie writers, Christain writers, or not are more likely to face such too. I have also noticed that the quest for fame gets them to go overboard at times. Writing is not about fame. It’s about the impact. Focus on the vision.

Daachiever Inc: What inspires what you do, your stories? By the way, I love reading from you on Facebook.

Nancy: Aw. Thank you so much, ma’am. Most of my stories are inspired by God. At other times, I am inspired by true-life events or things happening around me.

Daachiever Inc: How do a Christian measure fulfillment? 

Nancy: The man who has God has all treasures in One. Fulfillment is not in the mundane possessions we have to our credit but the internal joy that comes with being in a relationship with God, letting Him take the pace and playing our part through obedience.

Daachiever Inc: Who were your support systems on the journey to becoming an author?

Nancy: My mom. She had always known I loved writing. She believed I was going to write books. She said it all the time. Though she wasn’t too happy about Catalyst at first, she felt I was revealing too much. I had to commit it into God’s hands, today, we are cool about it. Pharmacist Yemisi, my girlfriend from way back. She always encouraged me to write a book.  Apostle Samuel, my brother and friend. His constant reminder and encouragement were substantial to my starting and finishing Catalyst.

Author's interview with Nancy Herbert on Daachiever Inc.
Christian Author’s interview with Nancy Herbert on Daachiever Inc.

Daachiever Inc: Tell us about your first book, the synopsis if you wish, and how the readers can get a copy?

Nancy: Catalyst is a true-life story of how I almost hit rock bottom due to an ugly past but for God’s overwhelming grace. I shared my story on how I overcame a horrible sexual abuse trauma and its aftermath. I also shared life-changing nuggets for teens. It’s a must-read for every parent and young adult. To get a copy, feel free to send a direct message to me on 07038250835.

A Snippet of the Book- Catalyst by Nancy Herberts

Daachiever Inc: Many, I know will love to connect with you via the social media platforms out there, tell us more.

All right. You can connect with me via;



Email:@[email protected]

Dear readers did you enjoy reading from Nancy Herbert, the author of the book ‘Catalyst’. She shared a lot with us, and perhaps if you are a new or an upcoming author, learn from her words. Nancy shared with our team of writers an amazing article on Marriage. It is quite a lovely read. Click this.

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