The forgiveness of Christ despite our weakness is what makes his love for us fascinating. This post addresses the question that clouds our minds the moment we come face to face with what God’s forgiveness truly means. Are we to feel unworthy of this love or embrace it knowing well, we are weak without Christ’s strength?

What could be more painful when you finish washing the dishes, after a hectic lecture day, and then, go on to cook—while your roommate pretends to be asleep, and you’re aware?

More painful, when he’s the first to eat, immediately when you are done cooking? Worst still, he ate the only meat you planned on rewarding yourself with?

I have seen it in reality, and if I could speak on your behalf, I’d also be angry. Because I understand that our capacity to accommodate men’s flaws is limited.

Yet, if I could speak on Jesus’ behalf, His ability is unlimited.

And what could seem to limit Jesus’ ability is our indecisiveness.

“If anyone thirsts, let Him come to me and drink”—John 7:37b

The statement isn’t meant for Christians nor unbelievers only. Christ offers this statement to all and sundry. To anyone and everyone. Irrespective of race, background, culture, pigmentation—he considers himself thirsty.

And as simple as it is, it takes a childish heart, first, to question the statement.

We should ask; what power does Jesus have to accommodate anyone, no matter how shattered, rejected, and ugly their lives have been?

Can He accommodate my anger without complaining?

Will He be able to cope with the lust in me?

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Will my addiction to sin not limit my relationship with Him?

Won’t He rebuke me for the pornography I can’t do without?

What about the ungodly music on my phone? My neglect of prayers and His word? Will He cope with me?

If I could speak on my Master’s behalf; here is what I will say:- If He could cope with me, He can—with you.

If He could accommodate my flaws, yours isn’t a special case, nor new under the sun.

If my addiction was broken, you have a better hope.

Enjoying the forgiveness that Christ's gives

Pornography used to be my daily food and drink, yet He didn’t rebuke me harshly when I came to drink from His bosom. What made you think He’d be mad at you if you come to Him for Help? Come, dear, come.

I used to have the curiosity you are having right now. I used to question what kind of patience He’ll have to have in keeping my secret sins— without the knowledge of anyone. And when I fall again, will He care enough to pick me up?

If I could speak on His behalf; in my deep offense to Him—even when I’m defending my offense—He’s the one chasing after me. What a reckless Love He has and He is.

If I could speak on Jesus’ behalf, I would tell you to stop thinking about the consequences of your sin—if you are willing to come to Him, first.

He needs you first—To come. Not to think of anything you feel would happen to you.

Your Feeling is the enemy of your faith.

Your friends’ behavior may irritate you. But yours cannot—to Jesus. He specializes in accommodating and mending any kind of ill behaviors and character defect you have. (I repeat, any KIND of character defect that is still defeating you).

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He’s the Perfect Potter who can mold you—As long as you would bring the clay of your life to Him—FIRST. (Read Jeremiah chapter 18:1-4)

Surprisingly, your character flaw isn’t the first problem He wants to solve. You’re His goal. You’re the problem— He’s your solution. He’s your way to destiny. He’s your Truth to be known. He’s your life to be lived. When you get Him, you get solved, and your circumstances afterward respond to Him.

Whatever has made you conclude that Jesus cannot accommodate your ill behavior? Kill that deceit.

If I could speak on His behalf, You’re not even your flaws.

“And drink” is Jesus’ second offer to you, after you have come. (John 7:37b)

You may yet ask again: and drink what—water, milk, blood—what exactly?

You might be right in feeding your curiosity with those questions. Because the water and milk in question is His Word of life to your dying soul, body, and spirit. (John 3:5)

The satisfaction and fulfillment of life you’ve been longing for—from money, school, career, fame, position, power can ONLY be gotten when you drink and milk from His Word of Life and Truth.

You’re also right in your curiosity about the blood. Mind you, that character flaw, when exposed to His blood is simple enough to powerfully mold you into a new person.

Besides, He’ll also open you up to your original identity that has been bottled by your indecisiveness, and caged by your fear of the unknown.

If there are yet flames of curiosity burning in your head, childishly quench those flames by drowning yourself in the rivers of Revelation chapter 5:9 —And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll And to open its seals; For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by YOUR BLOOD out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.

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If I could speak on His behalf, I dare you to come to Him and complete the song, when you read Revelation 5:10— do that now.

You are redeemed

You are loved,

And you are worthy of it all

Hallelujah!!! He died JUST for you. Why don’t you give him a room? Are you of this category, read this to take the most important step of a lifetime: ACCEPTING JESUS

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