Impatience is more expensive

Impatience is More Expensive than Patience: What’s your choice?

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Just recently, I was in transit and at some point, vehicles had to move slowly because of the bad road. You know those ‘drive a little, and stop’ kind of movement.

Some drivers stayed patiently on the queue that was formed, while some tried to manuever their way including the driver of the vehicle I was in.
Of course nobody would want to stay in such condition, and it was such a relief that the driver was trying to find his way through. Somehow it felt good that we were driving past those on the queue, even though it was quite risky.

As we drove forward outside the queue, we got to a point and discovered that one of the drivers had fallen into a ditch. He must have been in a hurry just like us.

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We had to find our way back into the queue. Do you know one striking thing? The man who had unfortunately fallen into the ditch could no longer proceed further, not with his car stuck.

And guess what? He was going to spend money that was unplanned, as some youths in the area had rallied around him, not necessarily because they wanted to help him, but to them, that was a business opportunity staring them in the face.

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Patience is a Virtue

Sometimes in life, we tend to push ourselves further than we should normally do because we feel we have no time (this is no excuse for indolence though).

Many times we want to follow ‘ shortcuts’ to success and we end up being stuck in the ditch of life, bringing more problems than should have been.
Other times we compare ourselves with others who seem to be moving ahead of us, following the wrong path. We are often tempted to leave the right path and join them.

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But I tell you today, it might take longer than you expect, but please stay in the queue. Even if you have to move slowly. Others might seem ahead of you, but so long as you are doing the right thing, and with God on your side, you will definitely get to your destination.

Until then, stay on the queue.

Impatience is more expensive. It will cost you more.

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