6 Intriguing but effective ways to Overcoming your Addictions

6 Intriguing but effective ways to Overcoming your Addictions

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All humans are creatures of habit, and being able to form good habits can help you reach your full potential in life so quickly; however, struggling with a bad pattern of behavior can be very devastating. How would you feel when you try everything possible to stop smoking or masturbation, but all your efforts prove abortive? Such a circumstance makes you a captive of your mind; you feel bound not by physical chains but by invisible invaders in you who keep launching their attacks.

The addicted zone is a bad place to be for long; oftentimes, you can’t talk about the things you do in secret; people assume you are a pleasant saint whose virtues are lovely and enviable; however, your heart tells you otherwise. Let me emphasize here that addiction could be positive or negative; you could be addicted to good music, sports, exercise, and reading.

In this short piece, I would be taking you through some common forms of negative addiction and ways to overcome them. This includes sexual addiction, phone addiction, drug addiction, addiction to smoking, and alcoholism. If you’ve finally reached a point in your life where you are ready to stop these habits, well done for making that decision, however, it’s not going to be easy, and you need to make sure you are prepared.

Sex is a reasonable human need, but for some people, sexual addiction becomes compulsive, and the behavior remains out of control despite feelings of shame and harmful consequences. Activities associated with sexual addiction may include compulsive masturbation, multiple affairs or sexual partners, one-night stands, persistent use of pornography, cybersex, visiting prostitutes, practicing unsafe sex, and exhibitionism.

Some of the behaviors associated with sexual addiction include the inability to control sexual urges, detachment, and obsession with the opposite sex. It could also be starting too many relationships at a time, feelings of guilt and shame, a pattern of recurrent failure to resist impulses, or giving up social, work-related, or recreational activities because of sex. Sexual addiction can be overcome through persistence and self-discipline. You must master your emotions at all times; this is essential

Nicotine addiction is a leading cause of lung cancer; even with the presence of a danger alarm on cigarette packs in Nigeria that reads ‘smokers are liable to die young’ yet, we still see a rise in the number of people engaging in this act. Some of them can’t just stop; the urge to take the next sniff keeps coming even after eating a delicious meal.

Nothing seems to be satisfying to them except the burning smoke of nicotine! The same thing applies to people who are already addicted to alcohol; they can drink many liters each day just to ‘feel good’ for a little while. Alcoholics aren’t always ashamed of the aftermath of their addictive act; staggering openly, lack of concentration, liver cirrhosis, and brain damage do not scare them. Their clarion call every day is ‘Give me the next bottle, we will drink all we can today, though we may die tomorrow and if we don’t, we will take more bottles!

Phone addiction is becoming a thing of concern since the technological breakthrough experienced in the early 20th century. It’s disheartening that there are so many dull minds using smartphones! So many folks, both youths and adults can’t survive a day without operating their phones. This obsession has led many to the grave, as they were engrossed in their mobile devices while on bikes or when crossing the road. Some even have the habit of using their earpiece and headphones along highways where there’s heavy traffic. If you belong to this category, you could get hit by a trunk one day!

Every addiction begins with a spark, a sexually suggestive scene, a sip of alcoholic red wine, a sniff of nicotine smoke, and even a bit of a marijuana leaf. Phone addiction could begin by being fascinated by your new mobile device, a new hip-hop song, or a user-friendly app. Know for sure that it takes a spark of light to start a fire in the forest; I think some folks reading this article are already burning! Your emotions are set ablaze, your nostrils are on fire, your brain and body organs are reacting, yet you are singing ‘All is Well’! All is not well, yeah, but you can make things right again. Here are some of the tips which can help you overcome your addictions.

6 Ways to Overcome Addiction

1. Pick A Date: This is important because it gives you a definite goal. Pick a date – maybe the start of the week or the beginning of the month. You can start cutting back on the times you allow your urges to control you till the day of your quitting.

2. Avoid Your Triggers: Sexually suggestive movies, pornography, erotic novels, images, and wallpapers are easy ways to get addicted to sex. Get rid of all your cigarette packs, lighters, and drug exhibits; and also spend less time with your phone if you think you are already addicted. Staying away from these triggers can help you a great deal. You should also keep away from friends who have uncontrolled sexual urges and those who could lure you back to your addiction

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3. Avoid Loneliness: Staying all alone by yourself or living an isolated life can trigger you emotionally. You can be tempted to masturbate, engage in other sexually suggestive behaviors, smoke, or take some shots of shisha. When you feel bored, try to get busy with something productive. You may also chew gum, meditate, keep your hands busy by playing with a pen, see a movie, or play your favorite music or games.

4. Tell A Trusted Friend: The support of friends and family is crucial for a person recovering from most addictions. Sexual addiction, due to its behavioral nature, can be difficult for others to understand and tolerate, especially if it has already led to damage in relationships. Tell a trusted friend about you are feeling; your openness can help you in resisting your addiction

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5. Read Good Books: An easy way to overcome a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. Good books help to build your mind and focus on something more productive. Instead of thinking lustfully or hanging out with other drunks and smokers, you can set your mind on other productive information which will add lasting value to you.

6. Remind Yourself That It Will Get Better: The first few days after quitting are the hardest; you will battle with cravings and headaches. You may have a sore throat or even insomnia while quitting smoking. But just keep reminding yourself that it will get better and keep on thinking about the benefits of quitting. It’s important to know that there are giants within you that you must conquer, your negative addictions are your giants, will you remain a victim or taste the experience of triumph?

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