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“Get more bricks” one of the supervisory officer shouted at the team of old and young men working tirelessly under the scorching sun of the city, some of them moved briskly as though their life depended on it, in actual fact it did while some didn’t bother so well about their movement, the sun was sapping away their energy.

Dozen of agile men mounted the stair that led to the building, they all covered their head with sackcloth, their chest left bare and a wrapper tied meticulously around their waist. The sound of the hammer against the wall of the building was deafening enough to the eardrum, the women sat under the building singing songs of encouragement to their husbands who were dutifully carrying out their work.

Just a little more,
Just a little more,
Our husbands will be kings,
And we will be their queen,
We will have no lord over us,
We will be a city,
Who is lord over us?
No one, No one,
Our husbands will be kings,
And we will be their Queen.

The children soon joined in the songs dancing around the wall.

Just a little more,
We will be kings,
Just a brick,
Over there and there,
We will reach heaven,
We are unbreakable,
Even the Lord cannot stop us,
Just a little more,
We will be our own kings

The tower of Babel, ever read of that Bible story? It isn’t novel, so I am sure you will be familiar with that story. I sat down some days ago, trying to paint a picture of dethronement. You know in films, we have come to understand that the power of togetherness can overcome a nation. Just imagine a powerful ruler, having about 2000 subjects who actually wants to be lord over themselves, a drama can so paint a picture in such a way that the citizens of about 2000 can overthrow a king. The power of togetherness is presented as superior to the power of an individual.

The tower of babel is quite different from that, the ruler in the story is GOD, now I had this crazy thought in me and I know scientists or even humans have been filled with the thought that just like it was in films that were actually scripted, the power of one can overthrow the supreme God. You know, an atheist who finds comfort in not believing about the existence of God might in their subconscious mind think if they and other humans like themselves work together, they can actually overthrow God; which in actual fact isn’t possible.

When the people of Babel thought it in their mind to be lords, they had a solid plan laid out, everything looked perfect and in no time the tower was going to reach heaven. Such resilience they had but God was God. No one can overthrow him. Never!!!

What then should be the confidence of believers? See this:

Habakkuk 2:20 (KJV)

But the Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.

Everything on earth keeps silence to the God that you serve, the God you have dedicated your life to. There should be this confidence in you that when raging storms of this earth come, tending to sweep you off your feet, say with confidence in God that it should KEEP SILENCE.

Those who conspired to overthrow you from the place God definitely has placed you, they will KEEP SILENCE and bow just like in the case of Babel.

Everything keeps silence before our God, tap into the realization that you are the SON/ DAUGHTER OF THE KING, you are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, so therefore whatsoever it is, I mean whatsoever comes, they should do what… KEEP SILENCE

Remember, you are an OVERCOMER.
Since they couldn’t and can never overthrow the Lord of Lords, I am that I am, they can never, never, I mean never OVERTHROW YOU.

Bask in that confidence as you progress in life. Never be too timid to shine as a light in the darkness, don’t live less than what you have been ordained to be. You are a city set on the hills, let your LIGHT shine and let your LIFE glorify the KING.

And therefore let everything that comes your way in a bid to throw you off balance KEEP SILENCE.

You, my dear, are an OVERCOMER but this confidence comes with a condition. Have you accepted the Lord Jesus since you believed?

P.S. My novel ‘Where is Your Faith?’ will be launched soon.
P.S.S. You are loved

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