The Presbyterian Pastor episode 4

The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 4

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I am sorry, sir but that’s not possible, Hosea ruminated on his answer; standing beside the tall tree at the back of the church; he looked up into the sky and laughed hysterically

“Is this how it is going to be God?” he questioned feeling embittered

The cool breeze under the tree gave him the privilege to think, in some minutes he would soon step into the church hall, and the rugged faces of soldiers, old and young women will welcome him. It just doesn’t feel right for him to go up the pulpit not prepared at all.

Pacing slowly around the tree with his right hand on the chin, he heard footsteps behind. It must be the Assistant pastor.

He turned his back, looking up surprised to see Martha smiling at him in a perfectly fitted grey gown; she was staring at him intently, he remembered that look. One he wouldn’t deny that he never missed

“What are you doing here Martha?” he asked glancing sideways

“Are you looking for Vincent?” she asked


“You must be” she giggled

Hosea kept his hands in the pants waiting for Martha to continue the conversation, he had a lot in my mind to discuss with her but- he feared he wasn’t in the right position to

“So, Vincent told me about what you asked the other time”

“You mean, that- “he didn’t want to say the word with his mouth, he felt ashamed. What would Martha think of him? A scared young boy? He never changed right? Just like he was in the university

“Yes, that…” she understood him

“I told him to fill in for you; just for today. So you shouldn’t worry so much, after the service you will be introduced to the church”

I told him to fill in for you, he was supposed to feel relieved at her words, at least that was his prayer, but he felt disappointed at himself. He felt ashamed

“I should go into the church; when you are ready; you can join us” she smiled at him briefly walking away before he could utter a word

Hosea watched her as she stepped away from him

Martha, he whispered to himself

The memories came flashing back, of their university days; he bowed his head to the ground regretting his actions a few years ago.

Just why, Lord?

Why must I meet Martha of all people?


Hello, are you suffering from shame and guilt? Here’s how to deal with shame with the help of the Holy Spirit.

He swallowed the bitter pain that came with his thoughts. He was better off gone from the town; he wasn’t ready for anything. Not for the pastoral assignment nor for Martha’s wedding next month. He wasn’t ready for anything; he has never been ready for anything in his entire life.

“Have you seen the pastor, dear?” Vincent asked Martha who was busy talking with some young ladies. She excused herself from the gathering, drawing closer to his side confused

“What do you mean? I saw him an hour ago under the tree” she informed

“I went there just now, to call him in but he isn’t there. His bag also wasn’t there”

“Maybe he went to the toilet, have you checked?”

“The soldiers have searched everywhere; he is nowhere to be found also” he panicked

“That’s serious, have you tried calling him?”

Vincent looked up at her “I don’t have his number. The file that contains his information is with your dad”

“I should have his number”

“You have his number?” he exclaimed

“I will explain that later to you, for now, let me try calling” she dashed into the church to pick her bag. Martha punched some keys on her phone and then dialed

“Thank God, it is ready. I was afraid he had changed his number”

“Just let me speak to him when the call is connected, okay?” he said

“Are you afraid of something else?” she asked

“For security reasons dear, let me be the one to speak,” he said and she nodded understanding his every word. After a few dials, a strange voice replied


“Are you the owner of this phone?” an old man responded

“No, where did you get the phone?”

“I saw on my way from the farm thirty minutes ago. I thought someone must have misplaced it while coming from the bush”

“Where are you sir?” Vincent asked

The conversation continued for some seconds before Vincent returned the phone to Martha. His face uptight, something must be wrong, Martha wondered

Before she could say a word, Vincent dialed the army base “I need everyone now at the church. we have an emergency”

“Is everything alright?” she asked

Turning to look at her, he smiled “It is going to be alright, but I am afraid our pastor has been taken to the enemy’s camp”


“Shhh… keep your voice low. It is just an assumption. I will call the General for directives”

“Dad won’t pick up calls now, he might be in the meeting”

The soldiers came running with their guns by their side, they halted in front of their commander saluting in respect. Members of the church stood watching wondering what was happening, Martha had to run inside the church dismissing everyone to return back to their respective houses

“Are the cars ready?”

“Sir, yes sir”

“Good, we are going to scout the town, you remember the new pastor?” he asked.

The soldiers whispered amongst themselves “I am afraid; he is missing”

“I don’t want us to go to the army’s base with no substantial proof, so for today until the General returns; we will search the town. Search everywhere for him”

“Sir” one of the soldier raised up his hand

“Speak comrade”

“If we have his picture, it makes the search easy; also we can make use of the dogs”

Vincent turned to Martha “Do you know if your father keeps the pastor information file at home? We need his picture?”

“I don’t know, but I should have his picture on my phone” Martha said unlocking her mobile

“You have his picture?”

“Yes, we went to the same university and he was one of my friends” her gaze intent on searching through the phone gallery

“Oh,” Vincent said, he wasn’t satisfied with her answer and she knew it. She wished she could explain things better to him now, but the matter at hand was more urgent than that.

“Here” Martha showed him the phone, it was a picture of her and Hosea, the one they had taken on their fellowship send forth.

“You look happy with him” he sounded jealous

“Really Vincent? Now is not the time for that”

“Well, you leave me no choice though. Is this the only one you have?” he asked watching her carefully

“That’s the only one”

“I just don’t like it; but we will manage” he winked at her

She smiled “You must manage”

Vincent turned to the soldiers “Let’s go, we have a picture now” he returned the phone back giving her a light pat on the shoulders “I will be back soon, take care”

Martha looked at him, then nodded.

Where was he been taken to? The sack they had used to cover his head had tiny pores giving room for light penetration yet he couldn’t see what was ahead.

If only he had not dropped his phone while saving the young girl, if only he lamented. His mother must be worried; he had promised to call her back.

He has many things to be worried about, but one thought stayed still in his heart.


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