The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 6

The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 6

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The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee. Where had he read that portion of the Bible? Was it in Proverbs or Exodus? He didn’t have the luxury of time to think as his heart thumped loudly about to fall from fear.

In trouble, the LORD hears

Oh, Lord; let not the enemy prevail

I am your Chosen;

I was redeemed and bought with a price,

God, hear thou me.

“Mbana” the voice whispered softly

The direction of the gun shifted away from his head; what was happening? Hosea opened one of his eyes slightly, and the soldier holding the gun had a terrified look on him. Mbana turned his head right and left wondering where the voice was coming from

“Hey” he shouted at Awal

“Are you playing tricks with me? Did you call me?”


The Presbyterian Pastor Episode 6
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“You did call me; I heard you” Mbana pointed the gun at him; Awal stunned by his action stood speechless

“I didn’t call you sir”

“You are lying, your lips just moved now”

“Mbana…” the voice came again; no one seems to have heard but him.

“Someone is calling me by name; who dares do that?” he shouted waving the gun into the air, the soldiers beside him were dumbfounded whispering among themselves

“Who called me by name? Who is that?”

“Mbana… It is I”

“Hey, preacher” he turned to Hosea who put up his hands in surrender

“Are you calling me? Is your name I?”

“I?” Hosea repeated after him

“Mbana… let my Son go”

“Who are you?” he shouted at Hosea

“Who are you that a strange voice calls you son? Did you come here with a mission?”

A strange voice calling me son…

God, is that you?

“I asked you a question, who are you?”

“I am…”

“Sir, why don’t you kill him? He seems to be causing trouble” a black skinned soldier suggested

“I can’t kill him until I have made further investigation”

“But- sir…”

“Don’t ask me why, there is something strange about him”

“Strange? As how?”

Awal trudged towards their side, his face a bit relieved and calm

“Comrade Awal, who is he?” Mbana asked

“He is a friend sir” he confessed

“Is his father alive?”


“There is an intruder in the camp, we go for an intensive search tonight”

“Why sir?”

“The voice I heard said let my son go; his father must be around.”

“What?” Hosea exclaimed

“That’s impossible… my father…”

“Take him back to the storehouse and do not give him food nor water until the General returns. If he has conspirators, they must be around the camp”

Two soldiers held Hosea by the hands dragging him across the grassy field.

His father is here


What was happening?

While the soldiers frantically searched through the camp and its environs; Hosea cooed up by the oil tank feeling feverish in the room, he had been locked up for three hours now with no food or water. The dead bodies of those who had been killed were still in the room; although their faces were covered, the stench of blood made him puke. Will he die like them? And who was the father the commander spoke of? There was no way near possible his own father could be in the city?


He heard the voice again, this time more clearly and calm

“God, is that you?”

Have you forgotten about me? Our Father who art in Heaven…

“Hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” he mumbled those words as the cold breeze penetrating through the cracks on the wall made him fall asleep

He didn’t know if he was meant to sleep in this situation

He has read stories of believers who pray when going through difficulties, but then right there as he breathes in and out; he remembered the story of Daniel in the lion’s den; Daniel must have been calm despite being surrounded by the lions. His confidence in God must be deeply rooted.

Hosea smiled as he slept mumbling “My Father who hast in Heaven”

My Father…

“He has been sleeping soundly for two days General” Mbana reported

“Sleeping?” the General asked amused

“Yes sir”

“You didn’t feed him right?”


“What about the voice you said you heard? Did you see any suspicious persons when you scouted the area that night?”

“No sir, we are still checking. I must have heard wrongly”

“If you did, then it is high time we kill the stranger”

“Okay sir”

“Lead the way” he commanded

My Father who art in Heaven

His sleep was sound, ever since he was born; he had never once enjoyed his sleep. Every night meets him with the troubling thought of what his father thought of him? Why his father didn’t allow him follow his dream? Why he had been an only child? He dreams of the night his dad walked into the room with the dreadful letter that shattered his dream, why had his father not given him a chance to be what he wanted to be?

The door opens but his eyes were shut tight, the General stood watching mesmerized by the view he saw.

Why had his earthly father hated him so much? All he ever wanted was his love and attention towards his dream? He didn’t know when the tears trickled down

Hosea slightly opened his eyes from his sleep; and the first word escaping from his lips despite the presence of those in the room was “My father who hath in heaven”

He looked up at the General who was holding a gun and the faces of the soldiers with no remorse; perhaps today he would be killed. The General walked closer to him wondering why the young man looked so brave to him; the other people he had captured and killed always fear him and pleaded for their life. But, he was different. Why does the young man face shine so brilliantly? Why was he not panicking out of fear?

The General pointed the gun at him when he asked the question that had been on his mind the moment he stepped into the room

“Who are you?”

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