Reread the heading, thinking about God, right? So I had a bizarre thought yesterday, weird I must confess, and then the next thing crossing my mind was; I must tell someone about it; maybe I would meet someone who shares the same view as mine.P.S. Kindly share your opinion at the end of the post, I want to hear you speak

Take a deep breath, I mean it; pause on this article and take a deep breath. Have you done that? Now, close your eyes; just for a few seconds and imagine yourself before the Saviour of the world. Did you see his robe shining bright? The warmth in the room you can’t express, the love that surges through you at the mention of that name; do you feel that? I did, and I smiled

But then, a guilty thought comes in; and I find myself asking How often do I think of the Saviour? Like how often do I put Him at heart?

HELP!!! I want to follow my heart but I don’t know how

Not very often


Maybe when necessary

I can’t remember


Now, I paused to wonder; does it means the saviour must preside my every thought every moment? Like when I am in the bathroom taking a shower from having a stressful day? Or when I am trying to joggle up reading my academic notes? Or when I am busy with a client or trying to put things in order online? Okay, must I think of him when I am about to make an online transaction for a digital course? Or maybe when I am going through emotional distress due to rejection? How often is it too much? How often little?

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I didn’t have answer

I mean, I never know whether this level of thinking was either too little or much

I didn’t know if He is happy because I think of him less or not

I can’t say whether He just wants me to think of him day after day or moments after moments.

I didn’t know and I felt guilty

I never thought of him when I made that decision,

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I never thought of him when I sought that advice from a friend

I never thought of him when I joined that class

Was I to always think of him?

Conflicted? Confused?

Here is the ultimate question with a search for an answer; When should I think of Him?

The answer is ALWAYS, and in all THINGS

Now always doesn’t mean every minute or seconds or hour; it means I put Him first in all I do. I go to him for the little and biggest things, and I seek his guidance and peace in every step.

Always means, I always put those things that call for his anger or displeasure; I live my life to glorify him daily

Always means, I don’t behave unruly because others around me; it means I am ready to run to him in every situation

As a mother losing her child, I look on him

As a student, going for an exam; I think of Him

I seek for his glory even when others scorn me

I think of him even when my friend calls me to sin

I might not think of him when I am stressed up each day, but I am on guard when the enemy tries to steal away my joy.

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I call him Father not because I wanted something like gifts

I call him Father because I desire a relationship

Every step of the way, little things such as taking a deep breath in and out; I always remember I should always stay grateful to him

It is not about how often I think of him and I know I don’t live for his glory

It is always about what I desire to do while seeking his glory, thinking of him.

He is my father, and I am to honor him with my life

I am not thinking of him every moment,

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Well, that’s okay as long as in everything I seek his glory

If I don’t trade away my salvation when with friends, I am thinking of Him

I think of him more often in my subconscious mind

He sees my innermost thought,

And he knows I love to live for his glory

I think that’s how much I think of the Saviour

I live for his glory, and that’s more than enough.

Are you like me who feels guilty when you don’t think of God frequently?Drop your thoughts in the comments below on how you were able to combat these thoughts.

On a final note; I believe living to please God in all things and for his glory is actually thinking about him.

I am not always thinking of Him; is it wrong? %

We are all just out here trusting the Lord; this is a picture quote to remind us that our hope shouldn’t be displaced in God this season. Let’s stay encouraged; God is on the throne always. Loads of love to you.

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