The Resurrection Morning- Jesus is Risen

The Resurrection Morning: Jesus Is Alive

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DISCLAIMER: This is an Easter series written to celebrate and remember the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus, our savior. The account of this story is taken from Matthews 27,28


“Gabriella, it is your turn,” Grandma said looking sideways to the direction she was seated.

The old woman adjusted herself on the sofa, held her glasses with one hand and the Bible on another; she stood up; patted Pastor Collins on the right shoulder with a smile on her face.

“It is finished; the battle is over”

Everyone clapped their hands together grinning happily

Gabriella danced around a few seconds, laughed slightly in between and some of the old men joined clapping their hands to her leg movements.

“I will sing”

“I know you will”

“She sings well” Grandma whispered to those seated behind her

After a minute pause, Gabriella put on her glasses, opened the Bible and then began humming while the men clapped in sync

“On the resurrection morning…” her voice whispered and everyone was silent except the hands clapping

“Here stood I who was condemned to die;

  Gave my precious ointment to wash his feet;

And another was beside me,

We patiently waited at his tomb,

Will my saviour awaken?

Will he live just like he said?

But- then; we beheld a great earthquake

And a light shining from the sky”

The old men clapping suddenly joined in singing

“Why look for the living among the dead?

Fear ye not! For I know you seek Jesus

He is not here, for he is risen

Come, see the place where was he laid”

Grandma stood up and walked to where her friend was standing

Gabriella began saying “And then; the angel said unto them; go quickly and tell the glad story to his disciples; go quickly for the risen Lord goeth before you into Galilee”

Then she paused and Grandma sang

“We ran as fast as our legs could carry us;

For we have heard the proclamation

He is alive, Halleluyah he lives”

The men joined to stand with them in the midst of the circle, each holding their hands began singing

“He is risen,

He is risen,

Death had lost its hold on him;

Even the grave couldn’t hold him captive;

Jesus lived, Halleluyah he arose”

Everyone began clapping, some stood on their feet, some knelt worshipping while my mother sat crying joyously

“Let’s all sing together” Gabriella said loudly as the clapping hands increased

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“He is risen,

He is risen

He is no longer in the grave,

Jesus rose and we will sing;

Our Savior has risen, Praise God” they all chorused with husky and blend of melodious voices. The joy on their faces couldn’t be described

The Resurrection Morning

“Halleluyah” Gabriella said


“You know, the significance of the resurrection morning always strikes me with three important lessons, let me share with you the account of the resurrection morning”

The elders returned to their seats and Grandma also; she squeezed my hand and I smiled

“One, the Attitude of the two Mary’s as recorded by Matthew; even when the disciples of Jesus went about doing their normal duty; these two women tarried at the tomb expecting a miracle. They ran to see the sepulcher as it began to dawn on the first day of the week, their heart panting to see the saviour. They thought he was still in the tomb but he was alive”

“The lesson is this; as believers, we need to understand that tarrying in the presence of God is not delay at all. When we tarry with expectations in our hearts, soon we will receive our answers.”

She paused, flipping through a few pages of the Bible.

“Two, the fear of the keepers who watched the tomb; at the glorious appearing of the angel of God; the Bible said they became as dead men. It is a challenge to us; Jesus holds the key in his hands. Are we tormented by demons in our dreams? Or did our physical enemies like humans torment us? Why don’t we call for the power in the name of Jesus? If the keepers could be as dead men at the sight of the savior; what happens if Jesus were to step in?”

“And lastly, since I am only giving an account using the first book in the New testament. The last thing I would share is about the Prompt action of the disciples to the commandment of Jesus. The risen savior gave a charge before going up into Heaven; as we celebrate his resurrection; I believe we shouldn’t forget the great commission he has given to the church and the body of Christ”

“While we merry with friends today, we should use the opportunity to obey the great commission. We should preach the word, lift up Christ with our lives and when we do, I believe we are telling others; Jesus lives for sinners to behold they have a living, loving Savior whose blood was shed for their sins”

Gabriella smiled at the end of her words taking her position back on her seat. Every one suddenly kept quiet thinking about what she said. The pastor rose up to pray and in unison, everyone chorused an Amen to the prayers raised.


The Resurrection Morning: The Savior Lives

On the Resurrection Morning, Our Risen King defeated death, the Bible records saying “Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy Victory”

Jesus is ALIVE!!! And the Joy that fills my heart is this just like Billy Graham said “I have given my life not to a dead Christ but to a living Savior.”

Raise an Hallelyah,

Jesus reigns. Amen

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