When God places a Vision in your heart

When God places a vision in your heart

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This post you are about reading is a testimony I wanted to share in Church, but having a large crowd read from God’s goodness is beautiful, right?. With my testimony, I will share lessons on what to do when God places a vision in your heart.

The cold weather that surrounded me was so unusual my teeth refused to sit comfortably that fateful day. The only option they had was shuddering to the rhythm of my lips as I drew in and exhaled the chilled aura.

Meanwhile my testimony was about a long bridge I was in a hurry to ply, on a Saturday morning, as I made my way to our farm.

Unknown to me, this bridge was almost broken, but there was no visible clue to indicate this. I got very angry with myself that day as I staggered on my feet, and painfully landed on the ground, even though I was sure it was my fault

I had to agree it was my fault, perhaps for the unforgettable sting I received from a bee while attempting to get back on my feet.

Sadly, as I did, with my eyes fixed towards heaven, I almost yelled. Ahan! Lord! We are do it, playing the Blame game with God for every mistakes or misfortunes that happens to us, I had to ask God for forgivessness at that point in time.

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From my little experience on that bridge; I was able to garner valuable lessons relating to life. In comparison, I didn’t see the cracks of unbelief and worries on the long bridge of my vision (my destination) because I was rushing to the future(the farm) in MIND. So far from hurry, I was stung (just like I was stung by a bee in the story) by the in-depth quote of Israelmore Ayivor who said “there is no need to rush in life. Just with one word at a time, our sweet life history will be written boldly in capitals and highlighted for easy access. Be sure you are passing the test of patience.”

Who would listen to the testimony on my mind, if I fail to unbar to you NOW? That the bridge you are standing on (which I stood on in the story), might have some cracks; the more reason you shouldn’t try to RUSH yourself into the picture of that bright future, without passing through that rough and stringent process of making?

You’ll see it more than others, feel it beyond your skin. I mean, the envisioned future. It will frustrate your emotions. It will make you feel as if there’s no tomorrow. It sometimes burns you to the core of your soul.

Yes, that future will lure you in, making you feel dissatisfied with where you are at present; this is because you can’t wait to step into the better days you see ahead.

Sometimes you’re lost in thought for you don’t understand how you’d get to the beautiful picture of the future. This picture in our heart that is seen only by our imagination’s eye—may be unexplainable to anyone.

You wish you were “there” already. I used to want the same too. Our “head” will want to betray our “heart” because the vision appears to be bigger than what it could carry right now, and is ready to offload it.

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But wait, what lessons would you learn? What experiences/stories would you pass on to others that are coming behind, if you rush? Perhaps you’re unaware that there are things about your vision you’re not meant to understand—because it has to validate God as the omniscient, while you are left with an option to trust Him.

When God places a Vision in your heart
When God places a vision in your heart; you are to give it your steady belief, for God’s vision is deposited into your heart by His Spirit—to be held mentally by your mind and manifested physically by your plans via strategic action.

I dare you to keep believing. Your vision deserves your steady belief. Draw out that picture. You own it. God has gifted you with it. Download the album of your vision deep down your heart’s archive. It’s there.

God’s vision is deposited into your heart by His Spirit—to be held mentally by your mind and manifested physically by your plans via strategic action.

While downloading the vision’s album, beware of what you hear. External voices would come—from people who simply don’t understand what you’re seeing.

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Fear from within would rise— possibly giving birth to unbelief. Yet, don’t expect people to believe your vision when you believe half-way in yourself.

While you see your vision, people see you as your vision. And since you do not look like what you see presently, you may have to get used to people disbelieving your vision sometimes—trust God more than anything and keep growing.

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Many won’t believe in your vision until they see who you become! Become YOU by believing more in your Creator, till you follow through the unique process of bringing into reality the great vision.

Child of God, write the VISION and MAKE IT PLAIN

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