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Five Things To Do When Worried

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You’re welcome to the OPEN LETTER SERIES on this website, in this series I am with the help of God going to be writing a letter to speak on issues that surround us as Christians in the world we live in. Tune in every Monday for fresh episodes and never forget to use the share button above. SHARING IS CARING, SHOW SOME LOVE.

This is an Open Letter to the Worried

“I have been there before, I remember her saying before waving her farewell to me across the street, I have totally lost it at a time and well, I gave up completely. I had allowed my fear to take the best of me, but that fear wasn’t worth it, because it didn’t help me grow stronger but shrinks me deep into a world filled with nothingness but darkness. I felt it all around me, slipping away, my joy ebbing away, dissolving into the thin air was the hope I once had. I have been there before, the valley that encompasses me around with worry wherever I turn to because I have been there and I know how I felt in the company of worry, I write this letter to those who are currently going through this

Three things about Worrying

  • It is a way of showing concern towards someone, pure as it may be, it might turn out to be unhealthy for you as a person.
  • Worry is mental distress or disorder resulting from fear of the unknown.
  • Biblically, our God, so kind and compassionate told us to cast all our cares on him for he careth for us. I think that’s soothing enough to know.

In the world we live in, it is, without a doubt, we might be embraced with constant worry over an uncertain future or perhaps an important event in our life.


5 things to do when worrying becomes excessive

Worried about that spouse of yours? Perhaps things won’t work out, you think? Worried about an external examination you have spent days or ceaseless hours preparing for? Are you worried about what your parents will say when you tell them about your good dream in life? Are you worried about getting an appointment after trying for so long? What are you worried about as you read this post?

Is there a way out of worrying?

Oh yes… There is.. I told you, this is an open letter to you, especially to you because you matter a lot to God and me. I overcame worrying, you too can

What are we to do when worry overshadows our faith in an unfailing God? Is there a word to soothe our aching heart when worrying pierces deep into us? Read this: HAVE THINGS REALLY FALLEN APART?

Five things to do when worrying seems excessive:

  • Consciously train your Mind
  • Relate with friends
  • Take a hobby, your Favorite
  • Seek help from loved ones
  • Prayer and Praises

1. Consciously train your mind: The first on the things to know about worry above says though worrying can be pure when directed towards someone we love, it is unhealthy when it becomes excessive. Train your mind, the Bible says to guard your heart diligently for out of it, are the issues of life. No one can guard your heart for you, you have to take up this herculean task by yourself; all you have got to do is say: Brace up girl, you’ve got this. No room for worry today. Believe me, make that your mantra every day, it works out perfectly.

2. Relate with friends: You know your circle of friends better, you know those you can confide in and those you can’t. In relating with friends, I meant having an intimate circle of friends you can be yourself around without faking it. If you have one, keep that relationship sturdy but if you don’t, never panic but read the next point.

3. Take a hobby, your favorite: One of my hobbies, whenever I feel down or beaten with worry, is listening to music, I have selected music on my list for every mood I am in. I have songs for when I am happy, or when sad, discouraged or down. If listening to music just like I do is a favorite hobby of yours, then you should definitely pick up your phone and listen to one when worry seems to win the inner battle in you. Another thing I do as a hobby is keeping a diary, I just pour out my heart on the pages of the diary but my final words at the end is this “Lord, I have poured it out down because nothing seems to work for me, take me in your hands and let thy will be done” Boom, this works for me all the time, you should try that.

4. Seek help from loved ones: Your family members, pastors in the church, colleagues can be the loved ones around you; never feel so big to tell them what you go through. In one of my posts on WHEN INDEPENDENCE LIES, I explained why independence is more of a threat than relief. Talking to loved ones around you might be the help you need at that point in time

5. Prayer and Praises: When worried, for some prayer might seem too out of it for them, they might not have the strength to be on bended knees to their father in heaven, when it all comes to that, a thing you as a believer in God can do is praise God. Are you finding it hard to sing a song, pick up a hymn of praise beside you or go online to download music that covers praise and thanksgiving, do this and never stop until your hope is renewed in God. When it becomes difficult to pray, try praising God.



3 bible veres for the worried

Worrying is a spirit, and we can overcome it by the word of God, some scriptural references you can hold on to when worried:

Here are some Bible verses that help renew our hope in God:

1. Matthew 6:34 – Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. — MSB

2. 1Peter 5:7 – Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.

3. Matthew 6:25 – Therefore I tell you, stop being perpetually uneasy (anxious and worried) about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink; or about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life greater [in quality] than food, and the body [far above and more excellent] than clothing?

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There are some tips which are advised by the doctor. 5 Things to Do When You Get the Worries – Psych Central

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