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How to tell your problems to stop messing up with you as a child of God

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How to tell your problems to stop messing up with you as a child of God

Ever heard any motivational speech that spurs you into action? I am not going to give you a motivational speech the way most motivational speakers do, but here is one thing I hope to achieve with this post. I want to teach you on how you can look at your problems and say, stop messing up with me because I have a God. How can you tell your problems to stop messing up with you?

Often times growing up, I have always been told to face problems head on but one thing most people forget to tell me is the ‘G’ factor that can be relied on in the midst of my problem. Read this post here; it is a story on relying on God’s word when problems come. When troubles comes

Set a limit, the break point where you don’t tolerate things not working out the way God has made it to be, if you always pamper problems when they come your way and not acting, you aren’t exercising your authority as a child of God

How to overcome problems: The Believer’s way
  1. Turn fear into faith: In my book, Living with Confidence and Where is your faith? I shared through a personal story on how we as believers can turn fear to faith, believe me it isn’t easy not to panic and worry when problems comes, but it becomes more light and bearable when we turn our fears to God and claim the faith the mention of his name fills our heart with.
  2. Learn to be patient: King David in the Bible tells us about how difficult it was for him to wait for God delieverance when his enemy encompassed him round about, even Job in the midst of troubles cried unto God for quick intervention. Through it all, all these Bible examples were patient on God. They realized that there was no lasting help anywhere but in God, so they waited until God came through for them. Learn to be patient with God, it is always the best.
  3. Take note of Opportunities hidden deep in problems: Beloved of God, not all problems are out to destroy you, some are there to make, mould and restructure you to be what God has called you to be

Do not allow problems to swallow you up, stare at it in the face and say “Hey, I have got a God. What are you here for? Are you here to disrupt my life or to make me better? Whatever, God is here with me. So, I have nothing to worry about. Tell your challenges and problems that it can break you if it wants to but it can never determine your future and happiness.

 Well, if you end up being broken,  remember when a light is casted upon a broken piece of glass,  it is extraordinarily beautiful. I remembered a song lyrics which says “WHAT IF THE BROKEN YOU IS REALLY A MASTERPIECE? It ain’t time for you to give up yet. You can fight on,  head on, stay strong and come out wonderful because the capital G is with you. Do you know God?  That’s the first step to being better. Being a child of God should be something desired by every one.

The best day of my life still remains the day I gave my life to Christ, since then, although there have been challenges, but I am more happy knowing I ain’t going through them alone, I have the ever abiding presence of God with me

Stay in the armbeat of Christ always, for with Him your life’s Victory is assured.

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