The drive in the rain

The Drive in the Rain

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One fateful day after my lectures, it started to rain immediately we dashed out of the lecture room. Everyone including me struggled to get buses to take us outside the school and luckily I got one on time and sat at the front seat. As the rain poured down heavily, the windscreen became blurry because of the rain, but the driver thought it wise to use the screen wiper to have a clear vision of the road ahead. As though that wasn’t enough, incessantly he was making use of the handkerchief but I still couldn’t see ahead.

Since I was not the one driving and there was nothing I can do about the rain and the unclear view of the road, I decided to believe in the driver for a safe trip, the middle-aged driver drove on in the heavy rain, dropping off passengers in their respective routes. I found it amazing, but anyways I could fathom it wasn’t his first drive in a rain like this. You know experts by their actions, he was one no doubt about that

I suddenly began to question myself as to how the driver was able to make it despite the rain, not dazed any further, my mind responded to my question; the man knew the way, he could handle the steering wheel despite the rain and I was just a passenger trying to get to my destination. To drive home my thoughts and yours, the driver drove well and even in the massive outpour of rain that I couldn’t see clearly, the driver could see.

There is a lesson for us to learn here. Read on, Just like I was in the bus and could not see clearly, so many are in the journey of life and they can’t see the future clearly nor what the future holds for them because of their current condition. Just as the driver used the windscreen wiper to have a clear vision  of the road ahead, God is also taking care of our future for us because he sees clearly and knows all things. He knows the blueprint of your life and how it will go. Just like I trusted the driver to drive safely, you also need to trust God always in all things.


The rain that clouded windscreen are just like the problems, mountain, present unpalatable situation obstructing your view from seeing what God has in mind for you. They are the worries that cloud your heart that tend to draw your heart away from what God has planned for you, but despite that, God is saying let me take charge of the steering to get you to your destination safely, to get you to the place I have destined for you, to get you to the place of your purpose and fulfilment. Are you worried about your future, read this: HOW TO STOP WORRYING? Tips You Need to Know

God is saying; ‘Let me be in charge of your life to settle you maritally, academically, financially and in all areas.’ Allow Him because He knows and sees the future more than you do, and he is ready to take charge of your life only if you will TRUST him with it and be calm, only if you will be still and know that He is God in your life.


I hope you’re blessed! 

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