There is a cross before the crown

When The Cross Meets The Crown: Day Four

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“He that hath paid the price, must get his wages” that’s what my mother told me the night she travelled home.

She had begun counselling I and my young brother on the medium sized bed, her lips shaking terribly due to the cold, and her hands were becoming more numb than it was three hours ago. My brother was afraid, mother would be gone in hours he had told me in whispers, and he was right because she had called us to her bedside smiling weakly.

“I want to tell you something” She softly spoke

“Save your energy mummy, I don’t want to hear anything from you”

“Caleb, look at me” Mum said understanding filling her eyes

“No, mum. I won’t. I won’t listen to you. For heaven’s sake, don’t say a word mummy. Save your breathe”

“Son, please”

I held Caleb by the hand before he could stand up from the stool, his expression was that of an angry man but I could almost see the underlying tears.

“Listen please, just do”

Squeezing him by the hand, Caleb bowed his head down refusing to shed tears. He would definitely cry later in the day, I was sure of that.

“Kike, I know you are strong; take care of your brother for me; you hear?” Mother’s eyes were on me.

No, I wasn’t strong

I was only pretending to be

“Yes, mummy”

“That’s my girl”

“Things would be tough for you my children when I am gone, I am so sorry your dad left you all to me and now I am about to go also-” she paused sobbing

“But Kike, Caleb; my beloved children. Look at me”

We obeyed

“No matter how tough the cross you will have to be carry while I am gone, always remember that the Saviour will never leave you helpless. My children, once you can put in your little effort in everything; your coronation is just around the corner. It might take years, but I want you to never give up. Don’t trade your life for the things that perisheth. I know it might not be easy, but I want you both to pledge an allegiance to your God, that come what may, the cross, hardships, trials or whatever; you won’t shift your gaze away from him. Look daily on Jesus my children, because after the cross, there’s a crown waiting for you”
Caleb sobbed and I followed instinctively.

My mother looked at us too weak to give our aching heart a warm hug.
Years after, I remembered her parting words to us; she was right after all “He who has faithfully carried his cross; deserves and will be crowned”.

And Jesus said unto them “If any man love me, let him take up his CROSS daily and follow me”

As believers in the world, we are called to carry a cross

Could be that of reproach by our friends?



Unmet needs?


Beloved, faithfully carry your cross; looking unto Jesus in all things for you will soon be CROWNED.

See you tomorrow…

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